Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dear Lainey

We woke early on Sunday to open gifts and celebrate with our big 7 year old.

Guinea Pig book from Aunt Mary was a big hit!

Caroline sent a plethora of gifts associated with the guinea pig, too.

Lainey donned her guinea pig shirt from Caroline and a cute sweater from Britney for CCD that morning. First day of CCD on Lainey's birthday? Lucky girl. :)

Laine got her first 'young adult'-ish book about Frozen with chapters. It's quite advanced. Proud of our strong reader.

Time for cake!

And, we finished the evening at the beach with a sunset picnic. It was lovely.

The sported a shirt given to her by Pa and Mae Mae for her first day back to school after lots of gifts.....so proud of all her new stuff.

Two more big celebrations planned. She has a Mermaid Party on the beach with friends at the end of the month and then also the Elsa makeover will come early October. Starnes children enjoy about 12 birthday events. Nothing wrong with that. Childhood happens only once.

Happy Birthday, lovely Lainey! She is the precious girl we never knew we wanted. What a gift she is to us.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014


LSU is back in action and looking good! We had the Davidge family over for the first game and the kids were decked out.

Porcupine, Lainey's guinea pig, goes everywhere with her.

Blake added lights to some lanterns we had previously used candles for and they add even more fun to our lovely backyard. I'd sleep out there if it were not for the opossums and coyotes. And, California King Snakes.

We attended a private party for Disneyland passholders last week and I did a little demo for www.modstraps.com a company that I've been writing for over the past year. Now, they've added me to manage some social media platforms for them (Instagram, Wanelo and Google+). And, they also just hired me to move into PR work for them, as well. It's a ton of fun!

That's me wearing one of their cute mod camera straps with the strap wrap attached to it (that holds an ID, credit card, cash, etc), and also my DSLR is covered by one of their camera pouches that slips over the camera to prevent dirt and dust.

Private party peeps!

Many unusual characters were out for the evening.

We left with sunglasses given to us by the resort. 

And, this past weekend, I ran out to run some errands only to return to this little masterpiece Blake created by hand using pallets. He's so incredibly talented with this stuff!

Fall is just ahead.......we're so excited!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Our Newest Critter

Aunt Caroline sent Lainey an early birthday present.

Meet Porcupine, former King Triton, and likely to be re-named again.

He's a guinea pig, although he's the size of a rabbit.

Caroline also sent a leash and 'jogging vest' to keep him exercised. Naturally.

We are all so in love. He's precious.

He often sits by me while kids are at school and I'm working from home. I have guinea to my left.....

And, Finn sits above me begging for it to all go away.

He's really into skateboarding.

Welcome to the Starnes family, guinea critter!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Key West Professional Photos

As always, my favorite souvenir from vacation.....professional photography. We started it 11 years ago and have hired a photographer on most of our big trips. Loved these!

Key West is so indescribably beautiful. And, you feel like you're so very far from home.....we loved it so much.

We wanted something totally different. We can do beach photography here any time. So, I wanted just a few water pics and then we headed into town. Old Key West is rustic and beautiful. Took lots of good pics in Mallory Square.

A couple of out-takes.

One of my favorites......real personalities shown here.

Key West has come in gone, school is full speed ahead and we're ready for Fall!