Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sea World

We recently visited Sea World for some DLR Prep School research and totally enjoyed the day. We had not been since 2003, when we were on vacation here with only one child. The kids have been asking to go, so we did!

Sting rays were awesome.

Kids loved the Shamu show.

The touch pools were a hit.

And, oddly, I think we enjoyed the dolphin show more than Shamu.

Sea World San Diego is celebrating 50 years! 

This was our favorite part, I think: The flamingo walk. All those interested (as in all of the flamingos that are interested) get to leave their fenced in area for a "walk" through the park. So cute.

Atlantis was awesome. It's a roller coaster/water ride. So fun.

So many fun memories from our 2003 trip. Loved riding the gondola then and now!

Kids got SOAKED on this one.

And, awesome Carter recreated his signature Shamu trainer pose from when he was 2. It was so cute. Love that kid.

I''ll have a full review for Disneyland fans on this week!

Off to Julian for the day now. 

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Lainey's Mermaid Birthday Party

We had the best time celebrating 7 years of Lainey at the beach last week.

She requested a real mermaid tail and so I found one! It has a real monofin that works like a flipper.

Friends arrived, we played at the beach, had cupcakes and swam.

The cupcake topper is edible. Who thinks of these things?

I love seeing her smile.

Each girl got a mermaid towel tail, a shell necklace that Blake made, and a shell tiara.

I totally love this picture.

Holly and me.

Sheryl and me.

Blake made Lainey and I special shell necklaces, too.

Happy birthday to LC! We celebrate this Thursday at Disneyland, too, with an Elsa makeover. Back soon with more on that!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Jack attended a party at Get Air in Vista and couldn't have been happier about it. This, however, is the tough part of having two kids so close in age. Lainey felt left out. Life lesson! :(

We are in love with the guinea pig.

And, already dressing him for Halloween.

Saturday ritual has become watching Texas and LSU play outside on the patio. Lovely weather in SoCal makes for awesome opportunities like this. Too bad LSU lost this week, though.

We are in full force mermaid party planning. Prepare yourself.

Lainey and I attended Dapper Day at Disneyland, where people dress in old school (circa 50's and before) attire to pay tribute to Disneyland being a special event that people used to get dressed up for.....heels and all.

It was super fun.

Found this on my phone recently. Note to self: no more phone privileges for Lainey.

An old friend in town from my days at Michaels joined me for coffee last week. So good seeing her.

And, now we're nearly into a very busy weekend with party prep and more.

Back soon!