Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our Smallest Camper

Camping Trip

Blake and I are back in town from Aspen and had a great time listening to music, hanging out sans-children, and enjoying the mountains.

Now, we're off again - with kids this time - to camp at Estes Park. A few trips into the Rocky Mountain National Forest, a slide or two at Fun City, and walking the town should fill our days away.

No better way to spend Labor Day Weekend in my opinion!

Take note, however.....we are spending the night at a campsite this time. In a tent. With 2 children, two and under.

Here is where we're staying.

Please send help should you see the SOS signals!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Aspen Jazz Festival

Blake and I leave in the morning for Aspen, Colorado. A long drive through the mountains, with lots to look at to distract from the distance. Always worth the trip. There are few places like Aspen in the world.

Widespread Panic is playing and many other good ones, too.

Kids included? Nope! We're on our own. Have a great weekend!

Pictures of lovely Aspen....

I Finally Found My Calling

File this under, "Reasons She Is Already Crazy".

Just came across this article about 2 guys and then eventually 4 traveling across the country correcting typos on signs and billboards.

If only they would let me join.

I'd start at the Burger King down the street and correct, "Manager's Do Not Have Access To The Safe." Blake can confirm that this drives me absolutely insane each time he's in the car with me and I witness it.

Don't misunderstand me. I am not typo-free....especially on this blog because I'm typically writing while two toddlers are biting at my ankles. But, a sign? Printed professionally? Shouldn't each company have some sort of a spell check system?

Caroline, I know you want to come, too. I'm looking into it.

One Step Closer

Staying home with 3 kids, with two age 2 and under, has proven to be quite the catalyst to my acheiving full blown craziness. Blake will tell you I was close already, no doubt.

These darling shoes will push me further into that realm. That being said, I'm not so sure that being a little bit crazy shouldn't be a requirement for this stay-at-home mom position I've acquired. No sane person would tolerate wooden toy trains thrown at her head, changing over a dozen diapers a day, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Thomas the Train episodes on an endless rotation.

Back to the shoes. Here they are....looking harmless and sweet....just like Lainey.

And, here they are in action. Right now, they're cute. Squeak, squeak, squeak, all through the house. I know where she is at all times and can already distinguish a carpet squeak from a hardwood floor. My own personal baby GPS.

Love her little growls when she's frustrated at the end.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Let The Overspending Begin

We're 3 weeks out from Lainey's 1st birthday party and I've already pretty much lost my mind.

Here is a preview of her birthday outfit. I think she likes it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Zoo Trip With Pa

A few photos from a visit to the zoo while Pa was in town. Since this recent trip, Jack has been more in love than ever and can't stop asking, "Where Pa? Where Pa?" Each morning, he asks. At lunch time, he asks. After nap. While waiting for Carter in the carpool lane. Before dinner. During dinner. After dinner. Bath time. Bed time. You get the picture.

Jack loves the dozens of peacocks roaming freely. They don't feel quite the same about him.

Never thought I would describe a hyena as sweet, but these two hugging while they napped sure were.

Always time for treats.

Pa had a slight heart attack when I told him this little guy was right behind him. Obviously, they're quite friendly and accustomed to being fed.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Chaos Amongst Us

For the last several weeks, Denver has been turned upside down in preparation for the Democratic National Convention being held currently at the Pepsi Center.

Our first encounter was on Saturday night when we had the whole family loaded up ready for fun at Elitch's....only to arrive to find it had been closed for DNC guests. No warning - just closed! Blake flew to and from Kansas City today and said both airports were nightmares. Denver, because security was tight and beyond normal measures due to people arriving for the events. Kansas City, because Barack Obama was flying in to speak there this evening.

I had considered taking the kids into Denver to witness the events up close. It's history happening just 20 minutes away and I'd love to take part in it. However, after watching the news daily and seeing the protests, the unrest amongst Hillary fans, the swat teams being deployed. I think we are better suited to watch it safe at home.

First Game

Saturday included Carter's first tackle football game. It was longer than I had anticipated at 2.5 hours, but lots of fun. The little ones were tough to we're working on a solution for the rest of the season.

A picture before we left. Little brother had to scoot in for the shot. Carter never seems to mind.

At the game....Jack throws his hands up randomly and shouts, "Woo Hoo!"

Carter is #53.

Getting a better look.

Looks like a pro here! He tackled one of the other team's best players, preventing a touch down.

Lainey on our blanket, cheering brother on. Both of the little ones clapped and yelled each time the parents did. It was really cute.

Lainey would crawl or walk off the blanket at any given opportunity. Here she is giggling at me trying to catch her.

Carter lining up.

The bulldogs won by a couple of touchdowns.

The after-game tunnel!

Our sweet, sweaty boy in the post game huddle.

A Special Walk

On the morning he left, Steve walked Carter to school. He couldn't have been more excited!

Choo Choo!!!!!!

While in the back yard one night during Pa's visit, a train went by nearly 2 miles away, yet Jack heard it, of course. Steve held him up to see it. It's really hard to understand Jack's love for trains without witnessing it first hand. Like nothing I've ever seen before.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun City

Last post from our trip to Estes a couple of weeks ago.

We went to Fun City on the way out of town. I love the name....Fun City. Sounds like something from the 70's.

Carter going down the big slide.

Blake and Jack's turn.

The boys racing.

The bungee trampoline.

Jack squealed the whole time.

Sweet baby girl!

Bumper boats.

Jack did not like the water guns.

Carter did, though!

Jack showed as much patience as possible as Carter and Blake rode the go-carts. Sometimes, it's no fun to be 2 years old.