Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mohawk Baby

Because he wants one himself, Carter gave Jack a mohawk in the bath last night.

In most of these pictures, Jack is laughing at Carter doing his new trick...making disgusting noises with his armpit....a skill that most 6 year old boys treasure.

He tells me, "Mom, Jack is laughing because I'm doing armpit farts."

My reply..."CARTER!!!! You know I don't like that!"

"Sorry, Mom. Armpit toots."

Much better, son. Lovely.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Seen on I-25

The electronic sign read....


Seriously. What are we doing living here?!

Can't Wait For Bathtime

Every night, after dinner, we take Jack to the bath. He really enjoys it now. We carry him from the kitchen into the bathroom and then he waits by the tub until the water is the right temperature and at the right level. Usually, he's talking and squealing with anticipation!

Cooking With Carter

Since we were in most of the weekend, we started a big lunch early on Saturday. When it's cold and snowing outside, I love to have a pot of soup cooking. Makes the whole house smell good!

We made White Bean Chili....a Paula Deen recipe. Carter helped and we had fun!

While eating the chili...and I was surprised Carter did eat it because it's a little spicey....Carter looks at me and says, "Mom, you're a fry cook! You should have cameras and a TV show in here!"

Later that evening, Carter made us all "biscuit pizzas" that were actually pretty good, too!

Jack gobbled up every bite of Carter's pizza. He was so proud.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Our Little Catholic Boys

I always love to see the boys cleaned up and looking handsome before mass on Sundays. It never lasts long....but they look sweet here!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fun Outside

Carter spent some time on Saturday out in the back yard working on another snow fort. I love how serious he is about these projects. He could stay out there for hours.

Coming to see Jack at the window.

Weekend At Home

Big snowflakes on Saturday, but only a few inches seemed to stick. Everyone keeps telling us that this is NOT normal....this much snow....but now our forecast says we have a chance of snow every day this week except Wednesday!!! Now, it's just a chance, but still more snow coming!

A few photos from outside....we stayed in most of the weekend, played with the boys and cooked a ton.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Poor Baby

Just the other day, Jack debuted a shiner on his right eye. This morning, he crawled over to me and hit his noggin straight-on into the chair. Since he's so mobile, this is surely just a glimpse of many, many more injuries ahead.

Carter still holds the record for most severe and blatant head injuries, however. Upon vacationing in Hawaii 3 years ago, he missed a step and fell face forward off the shuttle bus taking us from the airport to our hotel, hour 1 of an 8 day vacation. What a nightmare!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Boys

Just a few pictures of the boys playing with blocks. Part of my campaign to rid ourselves of the dependency of electronics! We're working on it.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Carter In Glasses

Nope, they're not his own. They're Blake's. But, occassionally Carter puts them on and then asks us if he can get a pair, too. I've told him to wait 25 years and he'll need them just like Dad.

I think they look great on him, though....kool-aid smile included.

Carterism II

"Mom, I think it's time I got my own cell phone now."

(much like the new commercial)
"Then, I think you need a job."

"I would love a job! Can you drive me to a job?!"

"What will you do?"

"I can work for H&R Block and pay taxes like Daddy. Do you think he'll hire me?"

Laughy Jack

If you can disregard my few attempts at the Elmo song "La, la, la, la!", this is pretty enjoyable. And, of course....the pause by when Batman enters the room.

Colorado Morning

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Snorty Pig Jack

Finally got some pictures of Jack's new trick. Still need to get video to better capture it. Here he is doing his "snorty" face. What you can't hear is the piggy noise he makes while he does it.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Carter's Imagination

Most of you know that Carter is forever entertaining and interesting, to say the least. Well, he has become quite a story teller. Our neighbor across the street and good friend, Tracy, reports to me about stories she's heard including Blake wrecking our car because a blind moose walked out in front of him and they collided. She calls Carter a "fish taler" as he calls it because he is always making up some story to tell her.

Others have heard we used to live in Mexico and we sold hammocks on the beach to pay our bills. We, as his parents, have heard it all. I just wonder what his teachers have heard and consequently, what they think of us?!

The latest on-going tale includes Carter in a band at school called the "Dead Eagles". They play during lunch and have t-shirts made with a single dead eagle on the front with "x-ed out eyes and his wings fallen off". All the girls always want to sit by Carter during their breaks. They've even been on tour. So, I had him draw a picture of the band and their logo (from the t-shirt, of course) and this is what he produced..... That's the drummer on the left, the guitarist next, microphone and Carter. And, of course....the dead eagle at the bottom.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Beaver Creek

Saturday morning brought the opportunity for us to finally get up to the mountains again to ski. We had not been in an entire month due to all the local snow. We returned to Castle Rock to find more snow and after considering spending the night in Avon, CO to make it a weekend of skiing, we're glad we decided to come home as the roads were terrible for anyone traveling today back into the city.

We went to Beaver Creek...about 20 minutes past the Dillon area that includes Breckenridge, Keystone, etc. It's totally worth the extra drive. Beaver Creek is what all ski resorts should be. It's picture perfect, the service is outstanding, and the mountain has something for everyone. They even bring you hot cocoa in the morning upon getting off the lift and then warm chocolate chip cookies in the afternoon.

The resort prides itself on "not exactly roughing it" and it's true. Never been to ski at a place quite like this one. Check out the above.

Several pictures from our day.....

Getting brave!

Beautiful Aspen trees.

The only way down for us!

They hosted the "Talon's Challenge" while we were and competition for those who can do it!

Ice rink.

Here is Blake almost asleep in the chair, while Jack sleeps in the stroller.

Lunch time.... I love this one. Carter is dancing in the back of the truck with Jack.

Hang glider above the mountains.

On the lift.

Here is Carter, like always, looking for a short cut or some way to make the run just a bit more dangerous. As if I'm not nervous enough skiing with him already!

Such a beautiful part of Colorado.

They hand out candy to the kids as they get on the lift.

Look closely and you can see Carter speeding away!!

We stayed for dinner and to hear some live music. It was pretty good!