Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sprague Lake

A venture into the Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park, Colorado brought us to Spague Lake for hiking and fishing.

Beautiful views just before finding Bear Lake Drive.

Jack enjoyed all parts of the area.

Our sweet boys.....at one of their finer moments.

Time to fish!

Dad leading the way.

Sweet Lainey stayed back and practiced being cute instead of fishing.

Blake, drawing from his experience in Indian Guides, I suppose, informed us all that a moose caused the stripping from this tree. The boys were fascinated.

Room to run.

Jack + water = happiness.

The return trip. Blake actually carried the little ones, too....but I didn't get a picture since we have so many others from previous hikes.

We are going to miss these weekend trips into the mountains upon moving to Kansas. Luckily, we have the Lake of the Ozarks to discover, Eureka Springs, several other lakes and more.

Colorado has certainly brought out our best nature-loving side and inspired a whole new perspective on the outdoors.

The First To Go

Since we're selling our house, I couldn't very well put out the John McCain sign I had purchased a few weeks before Blake accepted his promotion. No need to cut out 50% of our potential buyers....especially here in this swing state of Colorado.

So, I put it out at our yard sale with a note sure to annoy Blake....(successful)....and I'm proud to say that the sign was the first thing to be taken away.

Now, whether or not it was taken straight to the trash or proudly displayed on some one's lawn....I cannot confirm. I'm hoping for the latter.

Pictures From The Park

From Daddy's last night.

At the plaground down the street. Lainey LOVES to swing.

All 3 kiddos at once....Carter, Lainey, and Jack.


Monday, September 29, 2008


Carter's football league had Homecoming on Saturday and it was a lot of fun. Much effort made by parents on the team to make this day a special one.

Carter was captain again!

A mascot arrived. Jack LOVED this!

Lainey here....starting to look like a chubby baby in the face.

Maybe because she loves ballpark nachos like her Mama.

Poor Jack trying to give the mascot "five". He got faked out again and again.

Before the game, the parents were lined up and after each player's name was called, he ran across the field to give the mom a rose. Sweetness.

Old Friends

Lots of upcoming posts entirely out of order in our near future. Bear with me. I've been a bit distracted.

A few pictures from lunch with one of my dearest friends, Amelia, a few weeks ago in Colorado Springs at The Broadmoor. She was in town for a wedding, so I drove down with the little ones for a visit.

Amelia - without shame - claimed Lainey as her own on more than one occasion. Random stranger: "What a cute baby!" Amelia: "Thanks. My daughter turns 1 on Sunday."

Here is Lainey with her fake mommy.

I was thrilled to see Lisa, too, pictured here with Jack.

Ameila and me with the babies.


After Courtney's #7, I figured there was no where to go but up, so here are mine!

Seven Random Things About Myself That You May Not Know:

1. I can say the alphabet backwards. Learned while trying to fall asleep laying in bed one night around age 8. Never forgot it.

2. I have never had a manicure or a pedicure. Manicures don't really appeal to me. And, the idea of a pedicure and someone touching my feet for anything over .5 seconds makes me absolutely insane. No foot rubs. Can't stand people touching my feet.

3. I've never colored my hair. Been waiting until I need to because of grey and we're just about there. :)

4. I get excited every time we put a house on the market. EVEN IN THE CURRENT WORST MARKET EVER TO SELL A HOUSE. I love a challenge and this just might be the biggest ever! Real estate is calling my name. I think I will pursue it once the little ones are a bit older.

5. I wanted to raise all boys. The thought of a baby girl always intimidated me due to the strained relationship with my own mother. Lots of counseling, support from Blake and Caroline, and other strong women in my life have helped me make it thus far.

6. I rarely do anything in life half-way. It just doesn't feel right.

7. If I could relocate every 2 years with husband and kids, I would. I love moving and finding a new place to live is much like my great love - travel. I thrive on a new city, new museums, new parks, new life, new people.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Rock Creek Farm

Sunday brought us out to the pumpkin patch at Rock Creek. Wanted Blake to experience a little bit of fall and Halloween before he leaves.

The farm has a lot to do.....several "U Pick Em" pumpkin patches, hay maze, Egyptian corn maze (click on their link above for the aerial view), petting zoo and more. All set in Broomfield, about 30 minutes from us.

The boys loved wandering through the fields.

And, Lainey loved it all.

Beautiful patch with the Flatiron Mountains off in the distance.

Love how Carter always has it together for our attempts at a good picture of all 3 kids. The little ones do as they please.

This is a new favorite of Jack's. Anytime both Blake and I are annoying him together, he throws both arms up with index fingers pointing while screaming, "Nooooooo!!!!!" at us.

Hay maze.

Petting zoo.

Trying to be like big brother.

She's looking back at us with delight after finding a goat....love her new facial expressions.

Lots of shopping for pumpkins and gourds.