Saturday, February 22, 2014

Day Trip - Crescent Bay and Balboa Island

Middle School Basketball is currently running our lives. So, on a rare day with no sports commitment, I packed up the kids and headed north. 

We exited the 5 at Dana Point and took the scenic route along the famed Pacific Coast Highway.

First top, Crescent Bay.

Seal Rock sits 120 yards out into the ocean and you can hear the critters from land.

It reminds me so much of Haunama Bay in Hawaii. Crystal clear water....not totally common for SoCal.

We'll be returning to snorkel in preparation for summer vacation.

Arrived later, after a picnic lunch, in Newport Beach. Parked along Marine Avenue and headed to the water.

I could walk this darling area for days.

Took the ferry over and enjoyed the island!

This was our first visit to the island since vacation in 2006. Lots of memories! Carter was only 5 on that trip and Jack, 5 months.

Littles each got $3 worth of tokens to spend at the arcade. Jack proved me wrong AGAIN and won something from the crane game.

Grabbed a bucket of fries and sodas and headed to the sand.

And, I was reminded for the 4,399th time why I love life in California. Amazing.

Funny Carter, 13 years old, posted this pic with age restrictions, on instagram with the caption, "Childhood. Over."

So funny.

Ferry ride back.....time to go!

Part of the reason for this trip was so that I could research for THIS article on

Best. Job. Ever.

Blake is finally back in town after 2+ weeks in Tennessee for work. Nice to have him home!

Basketball is wrapping up and we're preparing for Caroline's Spring Break visit. Santa Monica, Disneyland and more!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mother and Daughter

Lainey and I were lucky enough to have our pictures taken by the uber-talented Melissa from Just Hatched Photography, where I've worked for over 3 years now!  

Two of my favorites:

Always butting heads......but I couldn't adore her more.

My sweet Lainey Caroline!  

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day, Loves!

Hope yall have a great day full of fun!

Here's the littles pre-parties on Thursday.  Laine was Valentiney and Jack sported the (10 year old?) Hearbreaker shirt made famous by Carter at age 3, I think.  

Here's Carter in the same shirt......time to retire, I'm afraid.....but we gave it a good run!

We had such fun with that card.

I won a Valentine giveaway......thank you Jodee!  The kids immediately devoured the kisses.  Jack's favorite.

Class parties were a blast.  

Fruit smoothies, nutella spread on heart shaped bread and chocolate covered strawberries for 2nd grade.

Fortune telling, too.

And in addition to the healthy choices provided by the teachers, Valentine's Day is still filled with candy and fun, as it should be.  Look at that room!

Laine's class was low-key with a science experiment, so no volunteers needed. :(

We celebrate this weekend with so much to do.

Frozen (finally!), Meow's birthday party at the bowling alley, and a big day with Uncle Chris and Aunt Laura in San Diego.  Four days school til Tuesday.

Party time!  

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


We were honored to attend the baptism of sweet baby Behr Ivy James Beatty, the son of my long time friend, Kelly.  Attended 9:00am mass at Sacred Heart on Coronado Island with ceremonies during.  It was lovely.  

Blake was traveling, so I was in charge of dressing this group and wrangling kids.  They did so well.

Kelly looked beautiful!

Girls after mass.

Afterwards, we went back to Kelly's house for a beautiful luncheon.  Kelly is a fantastic entertainer and everything is always first class.

Magnolia Beau was darling, as always.  Big sister!

See that artwork in Maggie's nursery?  I designed it!  (so proud)

It was such a special day.  And, the most exciting part was when Behr had a poopy diaper.  All the kids gathered for the show.

We're so blessed to have the Beattys in our lives!  

And, as Behr's Godmother, I have a lifetime ahead of me dedicated to this precious child.  I will take this role seriously and cannot wait to share my faith with him as he grows.  I feel so lucky!

Back soon with beach pics after the party.  They're darling.

Off now to write.  My life currently consists of non-stop writing, Carter's middle school basketball, Jack's Minecraft, and Lainey's fashion love.

No complaints!

Saturday, February 08, 2014


I've seen a lot lately.  My thoughts:

American Hustle - Liked it.  Thought the character development wasn't as good as it should have been.  Loved Bradley Cooper.

Auguest: Osage County:  My favorite in a very long time.  Saw it twice!  Crazy dysfunctional family.  

Captain Phillips: Loved it.  Awesome stories behind the movie, too, beyond the actual true story.  IE: The 4 pirates (not working actors before this movie) auditioned as a group and were hired as such.  Also, the main pirate and Tom Hanks were not allowed to see each other prior to their meeting on screen to add to the suspense and shock.  Very well done.

Gravity:  Didn't love it, but see that it was done well.  Just not my type of movie.

Dallas Buyers Club:  Excellent, excellent, excellent.  Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto were fantastic.  Loved the story behind this movie, too......that it was denied for years and Matthew worked hard to make the movie happen.  

Lone Survivor: So, so good.  I cried in the first few minutes, as they showed the Navy Seals training and preparing.  Cried during and at the end, too.  Amazing story.

Her:  Didn't love it like everyone else.  Kind of lost interest mid-way.  Joaquin Phoenix was good.

Nebraska: Quirky, dark and unusual.  I enjoyed it.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty:  Enjoyed it more than I thought I would.  Inspiring and fun!

The Wolf of Wall Street:  I read the book prior, so knew what to expect, but I still was shocked.  It's crazy, intense and entertaining....but not for everyone!

Now I'm all set for the Oscars, except for Philomena.  Can't find where it's playing right now....missed it in the regular theatre.....not at the dollar theatre yet.  Hopefully soon!