Monday, July 30, 2007

Baby Update

Well, our children seem to always bring us one of two things - an interesting labor and delivery (Carter) or an interesting 3rd trimester (Jack). Our baby girl is following suit and sent Mom to the hospital on Monday for monitoring due to contractions and other symptoms.
I'm fine....the baby is fine....just scary to be having such contractions this far out. I'm 32 weeks along, so she needs to stay put for a few more weeks at least!

I'll be closely watched - at least once a week and more occasionally - to make sure we're progressing appropriately. I've been assigned to "modified bedrest" and so most activities and outings will cease today. I can do some things and with Blake's help, we'll be OK. Please say a prayer for our baby's safe arrival and not too soon!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Children's Museum

These are from a while ago....just now catching up with some posting. We went to The Children's Museum of Denver, which is probably the best thing we've done "for kids" since arriving in Colorado. It's an award winning museum and came highly recommended. We're due back for a visit soon!

In the vet room where Carter pretended to take care of sick animals.

This was a big hit - the firetruck.

The Center For the Young Child, where Jack fit right in.

Carter working on a painting.

The boys played together in this section filled with Brio train structures.

Carter checking in on little brother while playing a game of basketball.

In the "restaurant"....Carter cooking and serving lemonade.

The underground world.

These ants were very popular - Carter gathered them all for Jack.

And, then pretended they were attacking him. Nice.

The workshop.

Back to his favorite, the firetruck.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dinner At Church

We had dinner at our church recently to hear about Carter's participation in his summer bible study, Totus Tuus. It was potluck and lots of fun, complete with Carter and friends singing songs. A few pictures....

Jack walks over to check out big brother.

And....he never stays long!


Sweet brothers. Carter is so good to Jack.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Not much to report today. We've grown tired of the hot summer, of Blake traveling in preparation for our baby girl's arrival and his being home for a while, of waiting in general. Waiting for school to start....waiting for the baby to get here....waiting for the fall.

Are we the only ones that feel this in the late summer?

Luckily, school starts in about 3 weeks and the baby should arrive a few weeks after that....and then our weather will change and the gorgeous Colorado fall climate that we fell in love with last year will make an appearance, too. How fun to experience leaves changing and actual seasons!

Until then we prepare.....buying school uniforms, school supplies, new shoes and a backpack.....finishing the nursery.....etc. It won't be long!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Butterfly Pavilion

Since I've recently sworn off taking both kids to the pool....or really just taking Jack and having to chase him around....we're on an endless quest to find fun indoors this late summer. While Blake worked on the fence last weekend, the boys and I ventured out to The Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, CO. Carter showed us around because he had already visited on a field trip in Kindergarten. It's a cool place for kids.

I know some of you think I'm crazy because we don't stay home more often. But, that is actually very hard for me. I have a ton of mom friends who are more than content being at home all day and are quite good at it. I'm not at all good at it!!! We get bored too easily, I suppose, and feel the itch to get moving. It's not an inexpensive habit, so we keep our eyes open for discounts and fun things to do at a reasonable cost.

Here is Carter holding "Rosie" the tarantula. He tried to talk me into doing it. No thanks!

Checking out earth worms and such.

Jack in the interactive play area.

Both boys figuring things out together.

These creepy and animated features were throughout the exhibit.

Out in the Tropical Conservatory where they house over 1,000 butterflies at any given time.

Carter trying to entice one to land on him. They were everywhere!

Waiting for the babies to hatch from their cocoons.

There's a water exhibit, too, with star fish and horse shoe crabs to touch.

Who doesn't love a friendly cockroach race? Carter's came in 2nd place.

Meeting one of the bearded lizards.

And, finally, working on a craft.