Monday, June 30, 2008

Trysten and Carter (Plus Jack)

The boys in their Puerto Rico gear the morning after our arrival home.



Jack sulking after the new door handle stopper put an end to his quest.


A few pictures from the show yesterday. Beautiful weather, gorgeous venue, fantastic music. Loved it! The band made history on Friday, the first show of this 3 set, selling out 32 consecutive concerts at Red Rocks - even beating out legendary Grateful Dead. Pretty impressive.

The parking lot, pre-show.

Not many fans like Widespread fans.

The Hall of Fame.

John Bell, lead singer.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Red Rocks

Venue opens at 2:00 today.....opening act at 2:30.....Widespread at 4:00. Can't wait!

A few pictures of Red Rocks that I will not be taking because the site insists that no cameras are allowed. So, we're leaving the good one at home and taking the pocket sized.

Was reading "5280's Top of the Town" this morning. 5280 is the magazine for all things Denver. The "Top of the Town" provides a list of the best of everything in the city, from eating to shopping to outdoor activities. Each result is detailed with an editor's choice and the readers' choice, then a brief summary of why. For "Best Place to see Live Music", Red Rocks won for both editor and reader. Description read simply "Duh."

And, to all of our readers who loved college bands and have retired that love since they hit their 30's.....nope, still not over it. Nothing like a good live concert. Pay no attention to the fact that we'll be twice the age of some listeners today!

Scleroderma Walk

Caroline, friends and family in Texas participated in the Stepping Out To Cure Scleroderma Walk held at Grapevine Mills Mall yesterday. She raised nearly $3,500 for the event, which goes towards research for her condition. Very proud of her and grateful to everyone who donated.

Lots of people came out to support her and everyone had a great time. The most exciting news from the day, however, was that Caroline walked the track herself - with only one stop - nearly a mile around the mall. This is a huge accomplishment and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. I get worn out walking that mall and I'm a professional! Couldn't be happier about her progress.

Caroline endures 30+ meds a day, a structured diet and more strain on her body than any of us could really grasp. Her completing the walk brings tears to my eyes and hope for her life - living with and conquering both Scleroderma and Pulmonary Hypertension.

Cari, you bring inspiration to us all!


Still catching up from our trip.....and more to post from Puerto Rico....but another busy day awaits with lawn work and then Blake and I at Red Rocks tonight to see Widespread Panic.

A few of the kiddos from just before we left on our trip.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Always feels so good to be home! We landed around 1am last night.....stood around for another 30+ minutes looking for our bags after they had some trouble with the belts. Stayed up late visiting with Britney and Steve.....2 hours of sleep later....the kids were up!

Lots of napping today and time at home. Will post more on the trip soon.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Widespread Panic

Having seen them a few dozen times each, Blake and I love the band, Widespread Panic. After just about recovering from Puerto Rico, we're off to Red Rocks to see them play on Sunday. Another event kid-free. We are on a roll.

For reasons we are still not sure about, we have never been to Red Rocks for a concert. Tried to one night after just moving here and the show was sold out. I've taken the kids out to tour the venue and see the Rock Hall of Fame on site, but have yet to see a concert.

This is hard to understand given the rave reviews we've heard about it for the past 15 years. It was considered holy land to us in our early twenties with many friends making the pilgrimage to see Widespread and others in this beautiful setting. Needless to say, we're very excited about the combination awaiting us - Widespread and the venue.

Sitting at the airport, waiting for our flight and looked up info on the concert. Found this of interest. Nice to know they're doing good things with their fame.

Puerto Rico

Too tired to post pictures, but here is the link to the resort we just left in Puerto Rico.

Never been to a hotel that offered so much.....lovely views, its own island, water park, golf, spa, casino, kids club, etc. It has something for everyone and we really enjoyed it. LOVE Puerto Rico. Wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as we did. Akumal is still our favorite beach Hawaii.....but Puerto Rico is a contender.


At the Houston airport.....our flight was to leave 30 minutes ago....the plane is here, but no crew. Tired, allergy ridden and wanting to get home!

Flight is now planned for midnight. Hoping we make it because Britney, Trysten and Steve fly out tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Finally got to the beach today. Was here for 24 hours and hadn't felt sand under our feet and it didn't feel right. Our hotel is on a cliff and has beautiful views, but no beach front access. It owns an island next door, so we ferry over and enjoy.

Just two pictures today. Off to a cocktail party for Blake due to his winning the "President's Award." Proud of him and thrilled to be here. More later...

Blake's New Love

We rented this car yesterday to tour the island. On EVERY OTHER VACATION, Blake has rented a jeep. Yes, while I was 7.5 months pregnant in Cabo San Lucas, he rented a jeep. So comfortable.

This time, I insisted on abandoing his "throw back" vehicle and getting something more reasonable. The Toyota Yaris is what we were given and Blake adored it.

More From Our Trip

This gift shop is located inside the El Yunque Rainforest. Kind of takes away from the authenticity!

Inside the tower.

The view.

The Puerto Rican E.T., according to Blake.

Lovely drive through the island.

This one reminds me of Hawaii.....the view from Waikiki.

We saw this guy on the way into the rainforest. This picture does not accurately display his size. He looked like a small dog. Kelly, each time I see one of these, I think of you!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Small Preview

The husband is dragging me down to dinner with the co-workers (H&R Block Incentive Trip) this will be brief.

We drove into San Juan today and I simply can't print enough good things about this city. I could have spent days wandering the streets taking pictures.

Here is where we wandered in to eat lunch and ended up staying an hour plus. Lovely restaurant. We tried the Mofango.....this local dish everyone raves about...fried plantains with additions....we chose shrimp.....OK at best. Ambience and restaurant style = A+.

Lovely San Juan.....reminds me of New Orleans....more on that later.

At the El Yunque Rainforest.

This picture is hard to explain.....240 species of trees all in one place......absolutely breathtaking.

Back at the hotel.

Landed In Puerto Rico

After flying all night, we arrived in San Juan this morning at 5:30am. One layover in Houston, left there at midnight and slept a bit on the plane hoping to feel awake enough to start our day after just a bit of rest.

We were lucky enough to check into our room, requested an upgrade and got it.....unpacked now and waiting on the rental car. Blake and I always take one day to tour the island or coast of wherever we are and it proves to be worth every penny.

A few initial shots of our resort. Puerto Rico is lush and green and beautiful so far.

Britney and Pa, please show Carter our hotel room. It's way hipper than we are with a funky, modern Miami-esque feel to it.

Off to tour the island soon and back later with a few more pictures if time. Enjoy your day!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Help Has Arrived

Britney and Trysten arrived safely last night. We had a good time at dinner.....The Brighton Depot.....a restored train depot, now restaurant with the friendliest service and pretty good food. A train circles the building inside and Jack couldn't have loved that more.

Jack so wants to be buddies with the boys and occassionally they oblige and include him. Otherwise, he's just a 2 year old trying to fit in.

Lainey at dinner.

Back at the house. We bought Trysten the same outfit as Carter and Britney is less than thrilled about our reviving his love of muscle shirts. By the time he leaves, I think he'll be hooked. Take a look at Jack here....I asked for Trysten and Carter to pose and sweet Jack tries to include himself.

At the pool today.

For Mae Mae.....the shirts you bought the boys 3 years ago....still favorites and still fit!

We're off to the airport now to pick up Pa and leave for our trip. Perhaps a post or two from Puerto Rico, but if not, have a great week and say some prayers for Britney and Steve!