Thursday, July 31, 2008


T Minus 13 days until school starts. We're ready! Uniforms have been purchased, school supplies will be shortly....the summer is wearing on us and it's too hot! Carter is ready to be a 2nd grader and has saved $1 from his allowance to buy a Smencil, the most valuable commodity at his school. I'm instantly reminded of "warm fuzzies" when he speaks of such.

Love that Wikipedia knew what I was talking about:

Remember, Monica? She and I were dilligent about finishing our work quickly in order to create and maintain very carefully crafted homes made of crayon boxes. Of course, spreading glue on a ruler, letting it dry, and then cutting fake fingernails out of it took first priority, but we were good to our critters, too.

Wow....we were strange kids. Moving on....

We've had a great summer...which will likely be our most challenging due to Lainey and Jack being so close in age, yet so far away in daily routine. I've managed to keep them on the same nap schedule, which is nice. But, entertaining 3 kids with such different interests has been difficult!

We'll end the summer next weekend with a trip into the mountains. Rented a cabin in Estes Park and will enjoy the cool mountain temps, some fishing, hiking, shopping downtown and whatever else the area allows.

Carter starts tackle football soon, as well. He and Blake will go to his first equipment fitting tomorrow night. Couldn't be more excited about it. Him - not me. I'd eliminate tackle football from his sports line up all together if I were permitted to do so. Don't stand a chance, though.

Blake considered applying for a lateral move to Seattle....which I held mixed feelings about (LOVE Colorado, but always up for a relocation). He never did pursue it, however. Colorado is home again.

My transition into working 2 days a week was a quick and easy one - because I'm not working anymore. I clocked 24 hours in 2 weeks and then realized it wasn't going to work out. I'd still like to find something to do here and there, but no immediate rush.

Jack is talking up a storm. New words include..."shore!" a reply to an offer for food....instead of "sure". He called me "Mom" for the first time a few weeks ago and after waiting over 2 years to hear it, I was thrilled. Still loving the Choo Choos. Doubt that passion will ever fade.

Lainey turns 1 year old in 6 weeks and I simply can't believe it. I'm usually annoyed when this logic is used, but her first year really has gone by quickly. She's taken one step thus far and the rest will follow soon it seems. Lots of kisses and waving "bye bye" and of course, she can say "Man" for Batman. We know who rules this house.

Dilligently planning for Disney....searching for hotels....making arrangements for lots of activities and now an extended stay at the beach mid-way through our trip. Although I could likely be happy pitching a tent and sleeping right there next to the castle, I believe the break will be nice from theme parks and will allow us to avoid the weekenders.

That's about it from this group. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Caroline and Ryan's House

Blogger finally let me back in to post pictures. Phew!

Lots and lots of pictures in my final update from Dallas.

Carter 'wearing' a couple of locust shells found in Caroline's back yard.

Time on the very popular swing.

One evening, we took the boys on a walk to the park across the street. Carter and Jack played on the playground, ran bases at the baseball diamond, and more. Jack was soaked from sliding through water and was eager to give Caroline a hug!

Messy, messy boy.

And, he's a little monkey....always surprising us with his climbing abilities.

Another day in the back yard. Caroline's house presents a strong argument for those debating between an old and new house. Her back yard alone is convincing due to it being nearly covered with shade from the gigantic trees. So nice during those hot Texas days!

Carter in the tree house.

Slip 'n Slide!!!!!! Since returning from our trip, we've tried to locate one here in Colorado and they're nowhere to be found. Guess we'll have to go back to Cari's to play.

Jack was weary of the water at first.

But, loved to watch Carter!

Caroline had a fridge full of popsicles for the kids (or herself and we just showed up at the right time!).

Jack has totally embraced the whole posing for pictures request. As soon as I say "Jack, cheese!", he leans over to Carter and smiles.

Finally, Jack tries the slide.

It wasn't at all pretty or graceful....but finally....


Time out for some tic-tac-toe. Caroline was prepared with all sorts of stuff for the kids.

Lainey wakes from her much needed 4 hour nap and so we put her in the pool for a bit.

5 of my most favorite people in this world....

Little ones together.

What a fun day.


At the train the dress Caroline brought Lainey from Cozumel.


We had our front sidewalk replaced at the beginning of the summer. Before it dried, Carter and I ran out to engrave the kids' names. That event also allowed enough time for Carter to implant his Crocs in, too.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Sorry for all the random posts recently, but has stalled my account due to uploading pictures beyond my limit and what normal people would deem adequate. As if!

Saw this kitty on one of my blogs and couldn't believe she weighs 44 pounds. That's more than Jack.


He's not ready yet, but we're hoping in the next few months Jack will start showing signs of potty training readiness. When he does, we will be purchasing this.

The fact that I find this as amusing as I do is a clear sign that I need to get out more.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Pioneer Woman

A sweet excerpt from one of my favorite daily reads online.

It was a keen awareness not only of all the times she’s jumped when I’ve called, come running even when I haven’t called, but also that as sisters, there’s just no getting around the fact that we share something that can’t be replaced, manufactured, or even described adequately. It’s not a friendship, which can come and go as often as the tide comes in. It’s not a romance, which can sometimes be subject to the winds and changes of life. It’s something much more profound, more permanent, more secure. I’m so glad I have a sister.

My thoughts exactly.

Only The Beginning

Denver is hosting the Democratic National Convention soon and it seems the city is struggling with the arrangements. I think we will relocate for the next several weeks!


This is what happens when you allow a 7 year old to apply sunscreen.

Pretty Day Outside

Temperatures will rise later today, but for now it's 70 degrees and lovely!


Sometimes....when they act like they like each's almost too sweet for words.

Monday, July 28, 2008

More From Our Trip

Lots of pictures from different days while in Texas.

Trysten, Cade, Carter, Jack and Cole.

Jessica with her baby Jack.

At the hospital.....the day of Maci's birth.

Lainey and Pa.

Pa and his boys....sons and grandsons.

The little ones.

Sweet big brother.

Maci and Lainey meeting for the first time.

Carter seems to beam around babies. And, wants me to have more!

Blake telling Trysten about the "big brother initiation" that awaited him.

Kristen's daughter, Ellery, with Lainey.

Trysten, Carter and Haylee.

Mike doing his famous Donald Duck impersonation. Jack seems confused.