Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Babies Before Bedtime

We have later than normal bedtimes in the summer....sometimes because we're out late and at others, just because we're more relaxed, no school the next day, etc.

A few pics of the little ones in the back yard last night just before bed....

"Prane! Prane!" (airplane)

Not walking here, although it kind of looks like it. She can stand on her own and can come back down, but no steps have been taken yet.


Shannon said...

Long-sleeved PJs in the summer? Is is still chilly at night in Colorado? Blake's down to just shorts right now since it's been so warm here.

starnes family said...

Our babies always wear footie pj's until they're at least 1 year old. And, Jack is just wearing those because he's so darn yummy in them.

It does get chilly, though. Love sitting outside around 11pm (if we're up that late) and needing a sweater!

Shannon said...

My kids never wore footie PJs because they would sweat so bad when they slept. They've actually both had heat rash from me trying to bundle them up too much. Sweaty kids!