Tuesday, July 15, 2008


This most recent was Jack's 4th nursery since birth. First, in Keller. Second, Castle Rock. Third, the larger room next to Carter in this current house. Finally, his temporary placement in the 4th bedroom on our side of the second floor. When we first moved in, we put the two boys next to each other, however, after more thought, decided they would eventually share a room and Lainey would have her own next to them...so let's go ahead and put hers together.....all of this will come out, I'm sure, in therapy once Jack is older and starts talking about his babyhood cut short, middle-child treatment, etc.

It's not easy being a parent and making these decisions.

Anyway, through the moves, a few special things have remained constant....and I will miss seeing them out on display now that Jack is a big boy and settled in with his brother.

It must be said, too, that there were many sweet decor items from my baby shower that were taken from his room once we started creating Lainey's.....birdhouses and the like because she, too, has a bird theme....again, all of this will be discussed at a later date.

Favorite letters....

Sweet pillow....

Big brother holding newborn Jack...

Engraved silver cup and tiny figures....one of which Caroline gave me from my grandmother's house.

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