Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I'm totally ready for the new year.

I turn 40 in 2014, so I've already made a completely unrealistic list of what I need to do, including getting fitter (like everyone else) and meeting James Franco (not like everyone else?).

But, really.....I would never want to meet James Franco.  I would be a bumbling idiot and it would never live up to the dream in my head.  So, I'll focus on exercise instead.

Some other things we're looking forward to in the new year, in no particular order:

*Ski trip in a couple of weeks!

*First Communion and Reconciliation for Jack.

*Confirmation for me.

*Baptism of my Godson, Behr.

*Carter playing his first school sport, basketball!

*My Disneyland website launch.

*DisneyWORLD in July!

It's going to be a great year.

Cheers to 2014!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013 Wrap Up

Class parties were so fun this year.  Lainey celebrated all week, so I never took pictures.  

Jack had several days of activities and then a breakfast, too.

Sweet children.

And, my sweet Jackie.

He's kicking it old school at home with roller skates.

We celebrated at church with the kids making swaddled baby Jesus ornaments.  Found this on Pinterest and adore it.

We tried looking at Christmas lights again this year.  Total fail.  

Sweet kids started out looking like this:

And, turned into this before we even left the house.

Luckily, they rallied prior to mass on Christmas Eve.

My favorite photo each year:

These kids are getting big.  Ages 6, 7 and 13.

The fam!

Home after mass for one present opened by each kid.

Santa tracker.

The Night Before Christmas.

Reindeer food spread out with sprinkles so the reindeer see the sparkles and don't miss this house!

Two believers left in this house.  My heart aches a bit knowing we have probably 2 more years.  Once Jack knows, Lainey will know.  Those two are thick as thieves.

"I see Santa!"

Treats for Santa and the reindeer.

And, time for bed.  I laid down with the littles while Carter and Blake threw rocks on the roof.  A neighbor rang the door bell to deliver treats while we were laying down, so there was an unusual delay.  Lainey whispered "I'm just waiting on the stomp and jingle so I can go to bed."

Rocks trickle down the roof to emulate hooves landing and the bells, of course, are Santa's.

Works every time.

Christmas morning arrived at 6:30am and we dove in.  

Carter, with his new allowance system, bought gifts for everyone, including the book Divergent for me.  Wrapped here.....so cute:

The gifts were too much from family and friends, near and far.  

Santa gifts included one from request from each child, as our tradition goes:

Lainey - Caboodle makeup kit
Jack - Disney's Infinity
Carter - Basketball shoes

Finally, I opened this.....hand-made by Blake and the kids from a recycled pallet and paints Blake mixed himself.  Total cost = $0.  I couldn't love it more.  He even wrote the word "Beach" free-hand.  Crazy talented!

Now, we play and eat and re-organize the house to fit everything in.

Have the merriest of Christmases!

XO, Casey

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Almost Christmas!

We've been busy.

At CCD, we toured the church and saw that baby Jesus was still not here.

We made a swaddled baby Jesus ornament in anticipation.

We are enjoying the snowman toilet cover again.  So classy.  Thanks, Caroline!

Carter and I saw Saving Mr. Banks and it was fantastic!

And, we made one last trip to Disneyland for the holidays.  

It was rainy and we brought ponchos in anticipation, but never needed them.  Just sprinkled here and there.

These two have joined forces lately in making me insane.  Holding hands, running through Disneyland like fools.  

Season pass holders were invited to a special presentation on how Disneyland Holiday Magic comes together.  I was in heaven.

Jackie rode Mr. Toad's Wild Ride on his own for the first time!  Carter had basketball practice, so I was solo with the littles.  We have to be creative on how we ride with an odd number.  

And, speaking of basketball....Carter made the 7th grade team!!!!!!!  His first school sport.  Competition was tough.....we are super proud.

Bye bye Disneyland Christmas......until next year!

And, finally......I'm putting the finishing touches on my Disneyland planning site.  Here's a sneak peak at my first graphic, which will be mimicked on future ones.

I'm so excited!

Today is a baking day for neighbors and friends.  Tomorrow, Christmas Eve mass at 6pm and our 14th Christmas begins!  

Oh, one more thing!

Our card:

(it's a parody of a popular SNL skit called The Californians)

Enjoy every minute of this special time of year!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Girls' Christmas Celebration

Last year, I took Lainey to Tea at the fabulous Plaza Hotel in New York City.  We established a tradition, then and there, that we'd take one night each year just for us to celebrate Christmas.  No boys allowed!

Last year:

This year, we spent the day visiting friends....to the the Hotel Del Coronado for a treat.....and then to the Young Actors' Theatre for a holiday show.  We dressed up and had the best day.  It was awesome!

First stop, for Lainey to meet my Godson, Behr.  So sweet.

He's nearly 6 weeks old.  We love him.

We picked up a gift for the kids at Melissa's house and then went to the beach near the Del for a walk.

Lainey's sporting some new faux fur leg warmers.  Her favorite.  And, also the cutest Stella and Dot pearls, which we were a gift from Kelly for her birthday.

We decided against ice skating.  As cool as it would be to skate by the sea, the rink is SO tiny and the prices are SO ridiculous.  We paid less to skate in NYC at Bryant Park!

Instead, we settled in by the fire on the Sunset Deck. Had a snack and lots of girl talk.

The decorations are beautiful.  

And, as always, we love the shopping!

Finally, we headed to the theatre for Home for the Holidays.  Lainey loves a good musical.

It was a special day!

We're now in the final week pre-Christmas break.  We'll visit Disneyland once more for their holiday celebration and then prepare for Christmas!