Monday, September 25, 2006

Moving Day!

It's finally arrived. We're on our way today. I'll post again once I find a connection. Wish us luck!

Starnes Farewell

After a busy day at Six Flags, the boys and I came home, smelling like Six have a final dinner with Steve, Britney, Trysten and Brad. A few photos...

Such good buddies, Trysten and Carter.

Sweet Trysten, telling Carter a story....trying hard to keep his attention.

Back at the house, the boys watching the one TV left!

One more family photo before we go.

Six Flags again!

To stay out of the movers' way, I took the boys to Six Flags with my sisters on Sunday. Beautiful weather, short lines, another great day with Ceason and Caroline. Couldn't have been better.

Carter on a roller coaster in Looney Land.

Casey, Caroline, Jack.

Carter and Ceason on the Mine Train. Carter wasn't sure about this one.

Caroline and the baby, feeling like he's almost too big for the Baby Bjorn.

Ceason holding Jack!!!

Front row!

Carter NOT HAPPY after going on the cliff hanger.

One of our favorites....the log ride.

Sisters and best friends. love with Caroline.

We surprised Caroline by giving her a nameplate for her classroom.

Carter and Mom - with sweet departure gifts from Ceason and Caroline....books about Texas. Great idea!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Tearful Departure From Grandmudder's and Grandad's

We spent the day with the Clemens family on Saturday. Went to the church carnival first and then back to my parents' house to eat and visit. It was a great day...including some staples with my family.....good food, a nice long walk through their neighborhood, and time out on the patio.

We will miss those visits more than anything...but we'll be back soon to do it again! I promise, Mom! And, we'll see you in 4 weeks at Halloween....then Thanksgiving....then Christmas in Colorado!!!

Caroline and Jack at the carnival. He looks like his namesake, my dad, in this picture.

Grandmudder and Jack.

A pair of Jacks.....Grandad and baby Jack, trying hard to hold his bottle.

Back at the house. Here is the baby with Caroline and her "BF" (as Carter calls him), Ryan.

Frisbee in the backyard.

We made small, homemade gifts for the family. Here is Carter giving Caroline her frame.

Carter with his sweet photo album from my parents.

Sweet baby Jack after a good dinner.

On our walk around the golf course.

Such beautiful weather.

And, we saved the best for last. Parents, sisters, Starnes, dogs....

Special Night With Ceason

Ceason treated Carter to a fun night at the ball park on Friday. She's a good aunt!!!

Nice seats!!!! Much better than Mom and Dad buy!

Doing the wave.

Trying to get an autograph.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Bear Creek Park

With the anticipation of Blake's arrival tonight, I knew there was no way we would sit peacefully and calmly at home this afternoon (come to think of it, we rarely do anyway).

So, Jack and I picked Carter up from school today with the car packed full of picnic gear and bread for the ducks. We headed out to Bear Creek Park....where Carter learned to fish at age 2, where we spent several evenings at Keller Festivals, where Carter hunted for eggs in the spring, etc. It's a beautiful park!

Lunch time.

And, here Jack sits kindly watching us eat, probably dreaming of being able to eat McDonalds happy meals one day, too.

Trying to feed the ducks.

He found one that was interested in eating.

But, we ended up feeding more turtles and fish than anything else.

Curious boy checking things out.

Our favorite duck, of course....because of the mohawk.

Some time on the playground.

Snowing Already?!

Just heard on the news last night that it's snowing 100 miles west of Denver. We'll be 30 miles south of Denver, in Castle Rock - half way between Denver and Colorado Springs. It's at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and so we're expecting some snow, but have heard from several people there that it only snows a few times a year in our area....more in the big mountains, of course.

So, I check and find this forecast. 60% chance of snow tonight?! What have we gotten ourselves into? Carter is so excited. He wants to head to the airport right now.

The Baby Boy, Growing Up

Jack is working hard on his coordination and he's just about able to pick up all that he wants to....which means, he'll be mobile sooner than later and our lives are about to change. We still have a couple of months of sanity, but it won't be long.

Trying to keep the rattle in reach.

One of the sweetest smiles I've ever seen.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bye To New Friends, But Good Friends

We met Nicole and her sweet daughters, Sam and Selena, at swim lessons last spring. Had several picnic trips to the pool this summer and the kids became fast friends (Nicole and me, too!). They came over tonight for pizza and a visit...sadly our last for now.

The kids...all sweating and crazy from being outside.

Finally, a picture of Nicole! You have been a good friend to me, and I will miss you!

Attention: Blake

From the boys...

To those of you who are not Blake:
He comes home this weekend to help us with the packers/movers. We've been counting down the days for weeks now. (Carter counts days in "night-night times") It's finally time to pack up and go!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Day At Fossil Rim

Shannon and I took a day trip out to Fossil Rim Wildlife Park in Glenrose, TX. What a fun day! I was prepared to have my car slimed and for animals to be jumping on the hood, but it was relatively calm....except for the giraffe encounter.

Here we go in regards to the giraffe.

The infamous giraffe....he looks so sweet and harmless here....casually standing and requesting food and then letting the car go by.

And, now he waits on if we have to pay a toll to keep driving down the path.

Feeding time. I'm sweating at this point...trying to keep my cool as the giraffe puts his freakishly long tongue inside our car to get a nibble. He kept coming back for more! Shannon was dying laughing, the boys were actually shocked into silence....and I sat there trying to appease the wild animal so that we could get the heck out of there!!!!

The giraffe finally takes a break - after several minutes, mind you - and pauses outside of the car. I quickly roll up the window and we sit there another 10 minutes because he would not move! I tried a few times to inch the car away, but with each move I made, his leg would oddly shake (though he was 6 inches from our car). However, I was sure that I would forever scar the kids if I maimed a wild animal during this event. We were patient...and he eventually scooted back and we drove out. Here he is at the window, refusing to budge.

And, on to some more normal sightings.

Carter feeding an animal.

A couple of pictures of the beautiful wildlife.

There is a petting zoo, cafe, gift shop, etc...half way through.

Carter brushing the tortoise. He looked about as comfortable with this favor as my parents' dogs do when we visit.

The sign speaks for itself here.

At the lookout by the cafe. It's beautiful out there!

Shannon holding Jack. He was his typical content self, satisfied with watching the boys watch the animals. It's amazing how different children are. Carter entered the world wiggling and was never appeased sitting still. Jack, on the other hand, is so laid back and easy going.

One thing we all agreed on...ostriches are scary!!! We avoided all contact and barely threw food at these guys. Here is one headed our way as we're on our way out of the park.

We passed by without incident, thankfully.

Overall, it was a ton of fun and we're grateful that Shannon and Blake joined us! I highly recommend making the trip out there. Fair warning, however...and sneaky Shannon failed to mention this to me....there are very steep hills, so be ready. As we approached the first, I start panicking and Shannon simply says, "Glad I'm not driving!" Thanks.