Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 8

We stumbled upon one of the highlights of our trip early morning of Day 8. Down the street from the condo is a lovely collection of tide pools. But, you have to get up early to view the sea life. Caroline and I left Blake to sleep in and took the kids to check them out.

Lainey had no problems picking up critters - dead or alive. Jack squealed at the sight of her doing so.

Good morning, starfish.

How fun to see all of this in person.....rather than behind aquarium glass. It was really a special experience.

Carter lead the pack.

Sea anemone.

Messy, sandy hands and cutie pie, Laine.

Caroline loved it as much as the kids. Me, too.

We even found Nemo's mask.

Lobsters galore.

Crabs, too.

Caroline and I loved hearing them click, click, clicking away as they nervously awaited our departure.

Jack was fascinated.

I was thrilled to share this with the kids. I love a good theme park.....don't get me wrong.....but this was fantastic. Beautiful, natural, California.

Good morning, sea gulls.

Good morning, cute brothers.

Good morning peaceful and serene ocean.

Good morning, reality.

During the kids' naps, Donna and Cam came out to spend the afternoon with us. Donna brought tons of my grandmother's pictures.

After enjoying a juicy In 'N Out burger (totally lived up to the hype!), we looked through them.

It was a lot of fun to see old faces and tell stories and laugh. Lots of laughs. (Mainly about my hair in the late 80's.)

And, more about my goofy grandmother who always seemed game to pose with just about anyone or anything. We all miss her so much.

Later on that day, Caroline gave Lainey her first make up lesson.

She was thrilled to play and experiment. Aunt Caroline is so much fun.

Jack joined in the fun and tried on her shoes before dinner.

Lainey, too.

Love this pic......2 handsome Starnes men.

Dinner that evening at Seaport Village.

We enjoyed a last visit with Caroline before she departed the next morning.

What a trip, huh, Caroline? Definitely a favorite....and one for the record books.....thanks so much for sharing it with us!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 7

Time to surf! My Aunt Donna, Uncle Bob and kids came in for the day to visit and go to the beach. So glad they did! I failed to catch a pic of precious Erin, but got the rest of the fam on film.

First, Carter and Bob head out to sea. Carter had not surfed since Hawaii in 2004, where Bob basically took him out on the board and surfed with him. It was very cool! So, really, this was his first time to do it on his own.

Lifeguard nearby.

Cam and Jack. Sweet Jack was so interested in Cam. Older cousins are always fascinating.

Getting closer!

Lots of direction from Bob. No better person to learn from. He's a pro and surfs all over the world!

Look at our baby go.

More tips.

Jack stayed busy on the beach.

Carter really took to it well. By the end of the first day, he was paddling out and got up all by himself.


Daddy with toddlers.

Break time.

In a sand pit. Messy, messy.....we'll have sand in our house for weeks once we unpack. Totally worth it.

Lovely La Jolla Shores Beach. Perfect for kids to surf....voted one of the best family beaches in the U.S.

Jack and Lainey do not care for sea weed.

Crazy kids.

Caroline with the little ones.

Aunt Donna introduced a very simple game.....she didn't even know it would be a game, actually.....get your hands dirty and then wash them off in the shallow water. Brilliant!

Jack running out to hug Carter after a successful surf.

More time on the board.

Wipe out!

A couple of videos....each about 5 seconds......showing Carter surfing....

Surfing into the beach:

And, nearly surfing over his new friend: