Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Zoo Day

I'm wrapping up our pictures with Caroline today and tomorrow. Making last minute plans for San Diego and still working on our itinerary. A two week trip requires lots of research.....coordinating schedules with family and close friends....ironing out the route cross country....booking our cabin at the Grand Canyon....planning a special day at Disney.....so much to think about!

Back to the zoo.....we had a fun visit with Caroline while she was in town. Love this first pic:

We caught the end of the KC Live show and I made a HUGE mistake by asking the snake wrangler to give the kids a closer look. Jack's had nightmares ever since. Worst. Mom. Ever.

But, with Carter asking to hold the snake, how was I to know Jack would be frightened just seeing it?! Lesson learned.

I swear, I'm still working on getting this parenting gig down.

The Koi Pond.....remains our favorite spot.

A snake is spotted.....

Balancing on the branches of the tree!

Carter had to hold himself back from jumping in after it.....just beyond him in this picture.

Into the Discovery Barn. Meerkats are always entertaining......several of them are sunbathing here.

Caroline and Jack watching them.

Snack time.

Love the opportunities for the children to learn about environmental responsibilities.

Picture time.

Another favorite spot.....the kangaroos. Check out the guy to the right guarding his tribe. Remember - no fences or cages.

Obviously, you can get pretty close to them. Notice, this is not my kid. Makes me nervous! I just know one of them is going to hop on over, tuck Lainey in her pouch and take off!


donatelli98 said...

I don't think any of us ever get the whole parenting gig completely down. Don't worry about the Worst.Mom.Ever.Award - you will have to stand in line behind me and several other people i know!

Malinda said...

That is one angry looking kangaroo!

The free roaming snakes at that zoo still freaks me out.

Impulsive Addict said...

OMG! I couldn't even focus on what you typed after I saw the *SNAKE*. I don't even like pictures of snakes unless they're DEAD!!! I may have nightmares tonight too! Thanks CASEY! GAH! ;)

FROGGITY! said...

good gracious lainey has grown right before our eyes!!! she's such a lady! :)

snake. shudder. ew.

y'all are brave!

Coco said...

I didn't realize there were no fences. What the hell?

Love the picture with all of them in the rockers, just precious.

Don't feel bad about the nightmares, apparently the song "Thriller" is giving them to Bram right now.

Not kidding.

The Lenzers said...

Goodness, yall have been busy! I don't think I could ever go to KC zoo...too many snakes! I still can't believe you are going on a 2 week vacation. sounds fun, but stressful. First of all I would kill Mark-ha.Can't wait to hear all about the trip. I am so jealous everyone is going on family vacations this summer but us. We tried to plan a quick trip to Disney, but that fell through. Maybe next year...or the fall.