Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tid Bits

A few recent happenings:

1. Ladies, Dee is getting married! Rush on over to wish her a happy engagement. And, when is a better time than now to follow her blog? I can hardly wait to learn about the wedding!

2. My haircut has been on hold for no other reason than time availability. Hoping it will happen next week before vacation. I'm so ready!

3. A few people have is where I create my headers. and have free backgrounds available.

I think that's it! We have a fun week planned with a zoo visit, an evening at World's of Fun and possibly a day trip to Topeka to see our capitol. Back soon with pics. We're having a ball with Caroline here and she has a new best friend....Jack. They're quite a pair!


Dee Stephens said...

thanks for the shout out! Gosh.. so excited. Not much for wedding planning but going to try and do it. Glad my Mom is an event planner!
We're looking at Vday weekend here in CLT! you may have to come! :)

Clare said...

Scrapblog is where I make my headers also, I love it!

Do you know what day you are coming to Topeka? Thursday on the south side of the capitol there is a brown bag concert over the lunch hour. Let me know if you want some other ideas for things to do while your here.

SASS said...

I wondered where you made your cute headers! I'll check it out. I'm caught up on the Starnes family--can't wait to see 4th of July pictures with all your punkins + Caroline!