Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Road Trip

I'm in full force planning mode for our 4,000+ mile cross country trek this summer. It's one of my favorite things to do.....planning travel and creating I'm just about giddy at this point. Never have taken a huge road trip like this, so I'm venturing into new territory. Lots to learn!

Our current plan, in pictures -

The family.

The car (please add a healthy layer of dirt to the exterior and screaming children inside).

The route going (which can and will be altered at any time to alleviate tantrums thrown by the children - or Blake):

From Kansas Dallas, TX.....for our neice's first birthday party. After a quick visit and 2 nights in town, we're on the road again! Carter will stay with Caroline and is flying to San Diego. Still can't figure out why Caroline doesn't want to drive 2,000 miles with us?

We're driving through the night in hopes the little ones will sleep a ton and make the trip that much quicker. However, Blake is insisting we go through Roswell, New Mexico, in order to look for my "real" relatives. I told him we wouldn't see much due to being there sometime around 4:00am. His response? "That's when UFOs show up."

It's going to be a long trip, folks.

So, we'll arrive in San Diego....get settled at the condo.....and pick up Caroline and Carter the following day. A whole lotta fun stuff planned for our near 2 week stay.

Balboa Park:

Lunch and sight seeing at the Del Coronado:

A couple of visits to Old Town, including an after-dark ghost tour!

Walks in the harbor and fun at Seaport Village.

A drive up to Anaheim for our 3rd visit to Disney. (Carter's 3rd, Jack's 2nd, Lainey's 1st)

A day at Legoland! Aunt Donna and cousins will be with us, too.

Lots of time taking in the view. I want to eat by the water. Drive by the water. Play by the water.

Picnics on the beach.....dinner preferably......while the sun is setting and the temperatures falling.

The water is calling me. I cannot wait.

The route back will be filled with many stops and at least one night at The Grand Canyon. Look at this view.

"It's only the biggest damn whole in the earth!"

A stop at the Four Corners is planned......and we will have a kid in each state (plus Blake, lucky guy!) for at least one photo. So very much our kind of stop to make.

Telluride, Colorado is next. Never been there.....looks lovely!

I'm sad to report that the world's largest ball of twine isn't near our route. I was really planning on it being as impactful as The Grand Canyon. Too bad. Dodge City is in reach, though.

I'm sure I will find lots more options after I crack open my Weird U.S. book and really start looking online at sites like

We're all about the weird stuff. If you have any tips, send them my way!


donatelli98 said...
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donatelli98 said...

Sorry I had a couple misspelled words.

Lady you need to be committed to the looney bin! God bless you for this endeavor! When are you going to be in San Diego? We are going the 19 to 23 ... and were discussing a date with Mickey at his house while we are there. I am, dreading the 6 hour drive - I want to be like Carter!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

We did Legoland last summer. I thought tickets were ridiculously expensive, but what can you do? We went to the Coronado too and I asked the gift shop lady if the hotel was really haunted and she said absolutely and then began to tell us some freaky things that have happened. Unfortunately my daughter heard and has been scared ever since. And she's 13!

Dee Stephens said...

Sounds so fun! The SD Zoo and especially the SD Wild Animal Park are really worth taking in. Of course you know La Jolla -- George's Rooftop is always a good pick. On your way to Anaheim stop in's awesome and if you have time? Take the ferry over to Catalina for the day! Kiddos will love it!
Oh..You're going to LOVE the Grand Canyon. Gotta take in Route 66 on the way.

Allyson and Dave said...

I have always wanted to rent an RV and do a cross country trip!!! It sounds like an amazign vacation. Unfortunately for me Dave cries when we have to drive 3 hours to Miami. So I don't think we would make it very far.

Moni said...

"Stay classy San Diego..." Anchorman

Any time for friends while in Dallas?

Heather said...

okay---that sounds like so much fun. My husband has always wanted to do a road trip to California like that. I can't wait to follow your adventures!

Sassy Cass said...

Sounds like a BLAST to me. I love planning trips too! I can't wait to her all about it. I'm sure plenty of blogworth mmaterial will come out of your adventure!

starnes family said...

Monica.....and anyone else interested.....July 18th? Lunch that Saturday? Email me!

Clare said...

Wow! I'm exhausted just thinking about your trip. I sounds like lots of fun though, when your kids are older they will be thankful that they have traveled to/seen so many places.

Kelley Loredo said...

Wow - what a huge trip. I could not do it - not sure why we chose to put our kids on a plane for so long - crazy! Hope your car ride goes well! BTW, do you still love your Bumbleride? Someone was asking for a recommendation... Where did you get it? I am considering selling both of my strollers to buy one;)

merrilee said...

You are so thorough and brave--I love it. We can't wait to see you. Let me know if you need any suggestions. . . .have you ever been to Torrey Pines? It is a beautiful place to walk/hike. We are on for the 24th, and we may also meet you at LegoLand(if you don't mind).

QueenBeeSwain said...

you all really are the Griswold fam!

have way too much fun- Coronado will be such a treat and if you can- have some Mi Cocina in Dallas for me!



Julie H said...

Make sure you drive the speed limit in New Mexico, we got pulled over for speeding 0-50 coming out of a parking lot?? Looks like a great vacation!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

All I heard is blah blah blah Disney.....

So you are going to Disneyland...ummmmm you know the Angry Family has Season Passes....Please please let me know what day you are going!!!!!

Oh, and I'm looking for a photographer for you...

The Lenzers said...

geez...i'm tired!!! that sounds like one fun family vaca! I cant get mark to take 2 days off of work...ha!

Anonymous said...

Sounds super fun! We went out of our way to go to Roswell when we moved my sister home from AZ. It is a strange place...
We saw the most incredible sunset when we drove through there. It actually weirded us out a bit because it was so odd looking and we were in Roswell at the time.