Sunday, September 30, 2012


Lots of random stuff here! And, big news coming, too. 

Jack, our little skateboarding dude.

Punks in their LSU gear from Aunt Mary.  

Some Halloween decor at the casa de Starnes.

Love these new thumb tack options.  Good texture.

Made these for the a client. 

Crows are everywhere.  Love them.

Love our new canisters for art supplies.  Found the labels on and had them custom made for $2 each!

Whale Watching tour was on Saturday. 

Left from Dana Point.


8 kids!

No whales, but hundreds of dolphins.  Like, doing sea world flips out of the water dolphins.  Pretty cool.

Me, Holly and Renee.

The boys:  Mark, Blake and Mike.

Not sure a boat has ever been so happy to see a group leave.

We never disappoint!

Next post:  Big, big news with lots of changes in our family.

No, I'm not pregnant.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Halloween Time at Disney + Lainey's 5th Birthday at the Park

Not a bad way to celebrate a birthday. 

While waiting for her makeover, we shopped near the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.  90% of the characters were lining up in this shop to walk out of the castle.

So fun to interact with them candidly.

Love these little feet.

New to the routine!  This is Lainey's 3rd makeover.  It changes a bit each time.

I love how so many things in Disneyland mimic real life.  The Cristal in New Orleans was one of my stomping grounds while in college.

Had a lovely sit down lunch for LC's birthday.

The Haunted Mansion is in full Jack Skellington glory.

I rode Splash Mountain for the first time!  Poor Laine was scared.  This is going up the final hill.

Awesome.  The photographer thought we were insane when I told him to just snap away at pics while we tried to pose.  

All of the sudden, there were princesses everywhere.

Patient Laine.

One day - sooner than I want - this won't be so magical.

I am loving it for now.

We met up with Sara from Everyday Life with the Nevilles.  We've been friends for years, but have never met In Real Life.

Hudson is as cute as I expected.  Here he is entering the castle.

These three got along famously.

Sara's brother, Austin, joined us.

There's Sara!  We all had such a good time.  Wish I had met her mom and other bebe, John Robert.  They took it easy at the hotel this day of their trip.


This is what you look like right after the princess whose dress you're wearing mouths "Happy Birthday" and blows a kiss to you from the float. 


Love this punkin kid.

Christmas card!  You think I'm kidding.  Watch.

Such a great visit.  Love Sara!

Sara and her crew left.  We headed to California Adventure to check out Cars Land.

It was awesome.  Can't say enough about it.

What the?

Traffic cone sodas.  So cute.

We waited 1.5 hours for the biggest of the 3 new attractions in the park.  Totally worth the wait.

You get into one of the Cars and tour around a bit.

Then you get a fresh coat of paint.

Finally, the race begins.

And, you take off.  It is SO FAST.  We were all screaming.

You are matched up against another car on the same type tour through Cars Land.  We won!

6 people per a car.

Here is what the cars look like.  That's not us.

On our way out.  These are the lines.  It was 11pm or so by this time and the park closes at 10pm.  As long as you're in line, you're OK.  

And, it's time to go.  Night night, kiddos.

And, to my sweet Lainey Caroline........a Happy Birthday indeed.  

We had a blast celebrating.

And, her party is still on the horizon!  Halloween/Birthday this year in October.  Stay tuned.