Friday, January 30, 2009

Jack Has The Recipe

Still lots of worries and stresses on my mind.....some personal.....some as I've mentioned below.....and a close friend struggling, too.

Just when I had cried all that I could today, Jack appeared, oven mit on his hand asking, "Choo choo cheese, Case?" and I laughed for a bit.

Sometimes their timing is so perfect.

The Funk

Without any intention or fault of her own, my friend Shannon passed "the funk" on to me. Hers is winter blues. Mine is the internet.

I have been reading on other sites about so many people in many sick babies....Nie Nie own niece suffering from seizures....varying degrees of difficulty for so many.

Recent finds include:

The McClenahans

Baby Tuesday


All of these people need our prayers. Spend some extra time today thinking about them and then, let's all count our blessings. Reading about such situations makes me completely vulnerable and at odds with why our lives play out as they do. I simply don't understand it all.

Instead of trying to find reason, I will pray and do what I can to help those in my reach. And, I will hug our 3 and call my siblings and thank God for those close to me. I am humbled and I am blessed.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


As with most holidays, this house starts celebrating weeks before, attempting to squeeze every bit of fun, coordinating crafts, and baked goods we deem appropriate per occasion. The kids have been coloring Valentine coloring books and wearing their heart-clad clothes as often as possible. We'll soon start on our actual Valentines and then surely make Carter's "mailbox" for school.

All of this lovey-dovey talk has caused Carter to worry for the first time about who he will choose for his Valentine.

Mom or Lainey?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


No, nothing that juicy. Just a few things I do around the house that you might not.

First, if you do not have a Dirt Devil Kone, turn off the computer and go get one. If you have children, pets, humans living in your house, this is a lifesaver. I can't imagine cleaning out a high chair without it. Pricey at $45, but you'll use it over and over again.

Second, baby wipes. I keep a tub on hand and use them all day long to clean up just about anything in the house as it happens. Much less expensive than the "cleaning" wipes and they work just as well. Now, to actually clean, I use the ones with a disinfectant, but for every day, all day use, baby wipes it is. And, no, I still don't buy paper towels for those who already think that's one of my weirdest traits.

And, third....laundry. I do one load a day, every day. I wash everything in cold water - yes, colors and lights - saving sheets, towels and such for warm water once a week. Part of Carter's chores include gathering the laundry....the basket we transport it all in is housed in his he starts there and works his way through the house before going to school. I start it shortly after and have it done before noon. Occasionally, I'll veer off this routine and then get frustrated with the piles that await me, so once I catch up, I'm quickly back on it.

OK, your turn.


Before our venture out to the train museum, we stopped by the skate park in town to let Carter ride his new Fusion board.

Notice the teenage geniuses on the other side of the park preparing to roll themselves in the giant tire. I'm so not ready for Carter to enter this phase of (no) reason.

Our cool guy.

Although, there isn't much cool about his dorky mom taking pictures. But, we only had the tire guys there to judge.

Babies lost interest.....time to go.

A couple more laps around.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Little Bitsy

No, I was never lucky enough to have a pacifier baby. Out of my 3, I was successful only in the first few months and then they all dropped it like a bad habit.

I LOVE pacifiers.....yes, even for toddlers.....nothing screams "baby" more to me than a pacifier, but none of my children obliged.

I still carry one around because it amuses Jack and Lainey to no end to pretend like they are "baaa-beees". Here is Lainey teasing Jack.

Only Good Things Can Come From This

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bath Time

Thanks to everyone who helped with our recent bath time blues. With the help of Thomas:

And, Color Dotz:

I created a much more tolerable situation.....

But, for a couple of weeks, it still started out horribly. And, when that happened, I improvised and threw them in the kitchen sink.

Don't worry. It's always super clean. And, we're in survival mode, people.

Question Of The Week

Oops! Almost forgot.

I've been cooking and baking a lot lately with the kids and am stifled all of the sudden. Looking for new recipes....for any course....snacks, desserts, meals, etc.

***What is your favorite "go to" recipe?

(I write this as I am enjoying one of my favorite salads....that I found from a friend, Carrie, writing into the blog with the recipe....hoping for some more winners! I've made this one at least a dozen times since receiving it last year....broccoli crunch salad.)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day Out With Daddy

Most of Blake's visit included time at home, snuggling with the kids, naps and movies. However, we did get out one day to enjoy the sun and see the trains. The Colorado Railroad Museum is an old favorite of ours.

Downstairs houses an enormous model train set up.

Lots to "read" for Jack.

Another model train set up......this one, outside....and it's amazing.

Here are a few of the guys who run the trains. Fast forward 60 years and Jack will be there.

Our beloved Thomas.

Caroline sent the kids Valentine gear.....each of them wearing it today. Except, you can't see Carter's.....boxers! Our biggest boy is growing up. They don't make Valentine shirts in his size. I'm not sure if Caroline or I was more upset about this realization.

So much to climb on.

Lovely views surround us, as the museum is located in Golden, Colorado.

Carter rings the old-fashioned bell as Lainey watches, fascinated.

Lots of authentic trains on site.

Walking around a passenger car.

So sweet when they're all walking together. Lainey decides to turn around....and eventually let go.....

So, the boys go after her.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Medical News

My conservative nature has always had me at odds with the debate regarding stem cell research. But, Caroline's diseases - Scleroderma and Pulmonary Artery Hypertension -have opened my eyes and mind to the need for further testing.

While they insist that it involves no ties to Obama's taking office and that politics don't play a role, it certainly is an interesting coincidence. See article here for news on the FDA allowing the first test of human stem cell therapy. Obama is expected to lift restrictions on federal funding soon.

This advancement in medicine could mean huge things for many parts of the medical world.

I think I might just like this guy after all.

There. I said it, Shannon.


Kiddos waiting for Daddy. Pure sweetness.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Making Do

Colder temps keep us in the house, or in this case, out on the front porch when the kids need to run off some energy. We'll likely never have a house with such room in the front again and I will miss it. We end up here more often than the backyard because we're safe from wind in the winter and sun in the summer.

Most of the time, these two do fairly well and play together nicely.

And, then sometimes it's not quite as pretty of a picture.

And, here's another child less-than-happy.....Carter upset because I wouldn't let him ride his Fusion on the porch and run down any toddlers. Mean mother, I am.

Here's a happy girl.

Back in harmony.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day At The Gardens

Monday was a "free day" at the Denver Botanic Gardens, so we set out for a few hours in the sun. It's been unseasonably warm here recently.....nearly 70 today....absolutely beautiful.

The boys love rolling down this hill. I remember doing this as a kid....where was that....Clark stadium, maybe? Somewhere in Plano. We laughed and laughed and the boys do, too.

Carter is thrilled Jack is talking more, doing more, running more....because little brothers need to be chased.

Baby girl sat back with Mama and watched it all.

And, giggled. Not much cuter in the world to me.

Lots of room to run....a necessity with these children.

More photography by Carter.... Look at that hair. Sorry, Courtney. And, Britney.

My life as I know it right child attached to me and waiting for the other two. No complaints. I love it all. (most of the time)

***Note - most cities do "free days" at museums, gardens and parks. I seem to get an email from friends or neighbors alerting me each year for such days, but have googled it before, too, and found info. It's a great risk-free day for pressure if a kid melts down and you have to leave early or if they're just not into it....come and go as you please. Look it up in your town!