Saturday, January 03, 2009

Park Downtown

The kids and I drove to Denver yesterday for a walk near the water and some shopping at the huge REI store downtown.

The trolley isn't running during the winter months, but Jack loved seeing it, regardless.

So much to see.

Funny what can become a tunnel when you're this little.

Carter climbed the huge rock wall outside.

I love this picture.....Jack headed towards me with plans for a hug. He is so affectionate right now and I'm loving every minute of it. Dozens of hugs and kisses each day.


Shannon said...

Lainey looks like Rainbow Brite in all her stripedy goodness!

michelle matthews said...

You are such a great mom taking your kids out to all these places! I am way impressed! That 3rd pic down is amazing! Is it Carter or Jack looking off witha bridge or something reflecting???You are good at taking pics!

starnes family said...

Thanks, Michelle! It's no strain on me to take the kids places. I will always insist that it's easier than staying home. And, I enjoy it, too!

Thanks for the comment on the's a favorite of mine. Yes, we were on a bridge looking out over another. Just happened to reflect beautifully.