Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Wildlife Experience

Sunday brought us to Parker, Colorado for a day at the museum and then some shopping nearby.

We went to The Wildlife Experience. Had been once before, 2 years ago. Carter was 5 and Jack, 5 months. After our first visit, the boys came down with awful viruses, so just thinking of going conjured up those memories and we always found something else to do. Having recently worked through our Christmas bugs, I figured our immunities were up and so we braved it again.

It's a fun, interactive museum, which means lots and lots of kids sliming all over the exhibits, which I'm sure caused our illnesses last time. A whole slew of schools were there for a field trip just before we arrived that day. We were the first ones there this morning, so hopefully we were the ones sliming everything instead.

First stop, The Discovery Den. Learning how an avalanche is created.

3 kids dancing on stage....they loved it.

Lainey more than anyone....tapping her boots all over the place.

Lots of insects to look at and some live reptiles, too.

Time for coloring, one of Jack's new favorite things to do.

Big brother helping the little ones.

After lunch in the cafe, we ventured into the Cubs Corner, specifically designed for the little ones. Here is Jack dressing up like a ladybug, which made me smile.

Jack showing Lainey how to maneuver through the cave.

Now, onto the Robot Zoo. Each animal moved and changed positions per the commands the kids gave them.

And, into Wild Colorado to see the animatronic wildlife. Jack and Lainey were scared of this bear who looks like he's sleeping here, but moved occasionally and growled. They were mesmerized.

So fun having a kid who can read and really appreciate all parts of a museum. Here he is in Wild Colorado working on the computer.

And, finally.....we entered the most anticipated exhibit of the day, Grossology. Lots of details on bathroom behavior, the digestive system, tapeworms, slime and more. Carter was in heaven.

Jack and Lainey liked pushing the buttons, no matter what they did.

Who doesn't want to learn about the life of a hairball?

And, we definitely needed to know that cows are one of the gassiest animals.

All of our kids have grown up in museums, so they are not shy around the exhibits. Jack is really getting into it all.

There was a great play structure, but the kids had to remove their shoes first. For the third time that day. Lainey drops to the floor 5 feet away and then scoots towards me.

Then, she tries to remove them herself. Not happening....they have to be unzipped first. Check out her bloomers, though......they have "Little Sister" embroidered on them. One of my favorite things for little girls......monogrammed bloomers.

Outside and on our way to shop. It was a cold day, but the snow was melting and it was beautiful.


Unknown said...

Okay, so how do the bloomers work? They go over the tights? Over the diaper? Fabulous. I am getting some evenings out when I may have had too much wine...

starnes family said...

Kelly!!!!! You're killing me. Shall I send you the website?

michelle matthews said...

HOW FUN! What an awesome place! Again - you are such a good mom to get your kids out to these cool places.
Those bloomers are darling!