Monday, January 05, 2009

Mornings At The Starnes House

Lots of time now spent in the playroom cooking and creating all sorts of yummy plastic and wooden treats. This is a new addition to the home since Christmas and we're all enjoying it very much. Still lots of work to do.....need to refinish the table and once we move, I'll do more to the walls including paint and adding shelves/hooks, etc. But, we're off to a great start and I'm pleased with what we've done thus far.

Carter had a dedicated playroom around this age up until 5 or so when his toys were more manageable and could be contained well. Now that we have full fledged toddlers seems that they need so much....and require so much room for the kitchen/baby accessories/train table/etc......and so much more coming now that we have a baby girl in the house. I'm already shopping for dollhouses for my...I mean, her....birthday this fall. Oh, the fun we will have!

These next two are kind of fuzzy, but I had to post them anyway to give you a true glimpse into the interaction of these nutty kids.

My eccentric brother, Chris, gave this opossum puppet to Carter years ago and it's remained a favorite. Here is Jack scaring Lainey with it. She looks so little!

And, how he comes after me.

Lainey's fascination with the phone began a few months ago.