Monday, January 19, 2009

Eldorado Canyon

On Sunday, I took the kids into Eldorado Canyon for a hike on Fowler Trail. Taking full advantage of our Colorado State Park pass before we won't need it anymore and possibly buy a Missouri one!

Carter has been camera crazy lately, so expect to see more of me than you have in a long while. After seeing a few of the pictures he's taken recently, I'm glad to have document this crazy time in our lives.

My nature lover, Carter, would pitch a tent and stay for days if we allowed him. I have a feeling he is going to be one of those people sleeping in a napsack suspended on the side of a mountain one day. We've always been a family on the go, but our time in Colorado has sparked a camping/hiking/outdoor life loving side of us not yet discovered when we lived in Texas.

Making his mother nervous.

Jack's version of rock climbing.....way more my speed.

How lovely would it be to live here?

Carter checking the trail head.

Off we go. Hiking is always more fun with walking sticks.

So, Carter gave Lainey one, too. It was bigger than her, but she didn't care.

Blues Clues is a big novelty in this house right now and Jack was thrilled to see our trail included them!

And, also a few notes on rattlesnakes.

And, here is where I got nervous with 3 kids walking on their own. That's a rough fall down. Time to go!

A slip and fall brings comfort from Carter.

And, Jack successfully finds the deepest snow in reach and jumps right in.

Funny how Jack was 5 months old when we moved here and Lainey was born here....yet, the snow is just as magical today as it was when we arrived. For me, too. Thank goodness the midwest gets cold weather!


The Soladay Family said...

I think it is so precious to see Carter being "the little man" in the house while dad is away...=)

Tammy said...

What beautiful pictures! It makes me want to drive to Colorado right now!!! We haven't had the pleasure of playing in any snow since January 1, 2008, so over a year... I hope we at least get a little Texas snow in 2009! If we do, I'll be sure to post pictures! Thanks for sharing, and I am impressed at you for taking the kids out there by yourself. You go girl... you are amazing!!! Also, I'm sure Blake is so missing y'all and wanting to be there with you on the weekends, especially!

michelle matthews said...

Gorgeous pics! I love that Carter can take pics of you with the kiddos. What a fun place!

Jeannette Pucella said...

Looks like y'all are having a great time, and I love seeing those pictures of you. You are so beautiful as a mom.