Saturday, January 03, 2009


Due to travel, illness, holidays and all around being off schedule, the little ones have had a hard time sleeping at both naptime and bedtime. They're accustomed to sleeping about 2-3 hours during the day and 12 at night.

You read that right. And, no, I'm not crazy. According to the books and websites, babies and toddlers need between 12 and 15 hours of sleep each day, so we're right on track when things are going smoothly.

Blake and I have always valued sleep for these kids and have consistently worked at keeping them on schedule. I credit their good health to their sleep routine. (disregard their recent illnesses when reading the previous sentence) I also credit my near-sane disposition during this challenging time of relocation to them getting plenty of sleep.

babies sleeping = free time for Mama

By 7:00 each evening, both little ones are asleep and Carter is reading or watching TV on his own. And, then I get time to relax and unwind.

Since we've been out of routine and not sleeping in sync, we've had grouchy kids and that equates to a grouchy mom. Luckily, I think we've turned a corner. Everyone is healthy again after our 2 week Christmas bug and things are starting to slow down a bit.

Now, for completely unknown reasons, Jack is horrified by the bath right now. I've tried everything from running the water out of his sight, using bath crayons and paints to grab his interest, and tub toys. I remember a child I babysat for once was scared of the bath, so I had to run it before she even knew it was time. The sound scared her.

But, nothing seems to ease his anxiety. Anyone dealt with this before? Any ideas?


If the shoe FITZ said...

love the new header design!

Shannon said...

Invite Thomas over for a bathtub play date?

starnes family said...

I've tried Thomas toys! He got 2 Thomas boat sets this year for Christmas.....worked out b/c Lainey could have one, too. He still screams and kicks and hates the bath. It breaks my heart! Seriously at a loss right now.

michelle matthews said...

Thanks for your sweet comments and notes first of all! I can't believe you used to be in Keller. I wish you still were!

I have heard of this bath scare before from someone. Let me see if I can remember who and get some tips. Maybe Amber?? I'm not sure.

I 100% agree with you on the sleep thing. I have always been strict with Luke's sleep schedule. I feel it's important for the kids and especially for us moms! You need your free time!!!! I bet it's so hard with things all crazy right now and all the sickness. :(

Malinda said...

I have a friend who had to let her toddler take a shower instead of a bath. She usually got really wet as well in the process, but it worked.

Maybe try the blow-up bathtub again if you still have it and put it on the floor outside the big bathtub?

starnes family said...

Good tips! I tried the shower, but he was equally as scared. Maybe he would think the bathtub is fun? I'll give it a try.

The Soladay Family said...

Ryan and I are sticklers with the whole bedtime routine as well! We always tell them that they need the sleep to grow...not to mention give their little brains a rest, and so do Ryan and I. Once they go to bed, it's our time to reconnect, talk about our day and "be married people", and I think it's important for kids to see that! I am sure that's what you did...and will do again! Right need MOMMY time once they go to bed! Hang in there, Supermom!

Coco said...

I think the shower thing might work. Get in with him or put a towel down to keep him from slipping.

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