Sunday, January 11, 2009

Afternoon In Boulder

In between stomach bugs, we escaped for a few hours for some fresh air and a lovely walk along the river. It was so nice that the little ones held hands. And, then my heart melted right there on the sidewalk.

Always so much to see.

Our biggest boy doing "swing tricks".

More sweetness.

We've always loved Boulder and have spent a lot of time there. Festivals, dinners and shopping on Pearl Street, walks by the river, and countless picnics. While I love the views and beautiful parks, I could do without most of the natives.

I'm not even talking about the Birkenstock and hemp wearing hippies climbing out of their Range Rovers. They're typically harmless. It's the condescending attitude of so many business owners. While at lunch in this tiny hot dog stand of sorts, we witnessed the manager lash out at a customer, screaming at her for the manner in which she reminded the cook she wanted onions on her hot dog. Yep, feels like Boulder.


Shannon said...

My heart just melted also. So cute.

michelle matthews said...

Oh so precious! Your kids are too adorable for words!

merrilee said...

Casey--I am cracking-up about your Boulder comments. My sister, who has lived in the Boulder area for over 10 years, has the EXACT same sentiments. Every time I visit, we always make a trip to Boulder and I always have this same feeling--fantastic place. . .people-not so fantastic!!!

Moni said...

I love the story of the hippies saving the world one gas guzzling Land Rover at a time....Love Lainey's little pea coat....always so fashionable :)