Friday, August 31, 2007

3 Day Weekend

We spent most of today at the hospital checking on Lainey. She's doing just fine, but had a few reasons to make sure. Back home now and looking forward to the long weekend.

There are wonderful events happening in Colorado this weekend, but none of which we'll get to attend. The Aspen/Snowmass Jazz Festival is going on and there are some GREAT musicians playing....Ben Harper, Galactic and The Allman Brothers, just to name a few.

Also, the Taste of Colorado is going strong and from what we've heard, it's a ton of fun. But, unless Blake gets brave and wants to venture out to these events sans-Mom, we'll put them on the list for next year.

Blake is definitely taking the boys to the pool because it closes for the season on Monday. They may be attending a neighborhood BBQ, too. And, as this time of year always brings....plenty of college football. Other than that, we're just doing a few things around the house in final preparation for our new addition!

Enjoy your Labor Day!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Worn Out

Just recently, Jack has learned to sit still and even watch a movie for 20 minutes at a time. It's so nice to have a little break here and there from chasing him around the house.

We set him up in the big chair with his favorite Elmo blanket and sometimes a snack. A few days ago, I looked over to find him fast asleep. It's hard work being 16 months old.

One Strike Against Colorado

It's hard for us to find reasons why we don't love this state, as there are so many wonderful things about it. However, this article shows some of the ridiculous things that can happen here....or anywhere, really....but Colorado often leads the way in radical moves.

Colorado Springs is about an hour and half south of us.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Making Dad Proud

I don't know why Blake gets nervous each time we open a baby gift with some sort of girl's accessory in it. Maybe it's because my immediate reaction is "Come here, Jack!!!!" in a sing songy voice and he knows what is surely to follow. But, seriously....I have to see how cute it looks!

Here is Jack with a gift from Cortney....a darling oversized bow that her daughter Halle made famous years ago and that I've seen on many other precious baby girls, too. We can't wait!

Home Office

After several weeks at home now, Blake has certainly grown accustomed to multi-tasking with a baby around. Here are the two of them hard at work.

And, his efforts are paying off. Yesterday, Blake learned that he's overseeing the #1 office in the company. Way to go, Daddy!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We're Potty Training Lainey At Birth

It's possible, according to this article. Who are these people?!!!!

My friend, Shannon, sent over the article and suggested I try it with Lainey. (Jokingly, of course.) These babies supposedly can signal at 3 or 4 months that they need to go potty. 12 weeks old?!

Jack is 16 months old and the only signal that he provides us is by waiting until he has a fresh, clean diaper on. I think we'll stick to the old fashioned method.

Sunday With Jennifer

Sunday was spent mostly inside relaxing with a nap here and there.....until lunch time....when we headed out to Casa Bonita, Carter's favorite restaurant in the world. We had not been since February, I believe. Blake wants to know if we can wait until next February to return.

I failed to take pictures of the real excitement - the cliff divers and gunfighting show. I'm sure Jennifer is booking her next flight to ensure she gets to re-live that experience. For those of you in Texas, you can compare it to the gun fight at Six Flags, but throw in a gorilla in boxer shorts and then someone eventually falls off a tropical setting cliff and into the water.

There are so many random's hard to do it justice. Carter has the ability, like all children, to look past the ridiculousness of it and would put it right up there next to Broadway if he were asked.

Jennifer and Carter.

Lots of games in the arcade.

So proud of his tickets.

Monday, August 27, 2007

We're Contributing To The Statistics

After jokes here and there from friends and family about the timing of Lainey's arrival ....and just walking around the Denver area noticing that MANY women are pregnant right now....I feel compelled to share what the local news is reporting about the "Blizzard Baby Boom of 2007", exactly 9 months after the record snow storms during Christmas of 2006.

Hospitals are increasing staffing and one in particular in our area has already delivered 25 more babies than usual in recent weeks. Enjoy one article on the subject here.

I think that since in less than a year's timing, we've successfully wrecked a car in a snow storm, bought our own skis, and now are producing a "Blizzard Baby", we're fully initiated into Colorado.

Visit With Jennifer

My good friend, Jennifer, arrived in town on Friday to visit with the boys, give Blake and me a break and more. Carter fell in love with her instantly, even though he adored her in Texas. It was like meeting her again for the first time. The fact that she arrived with gifts, played non-stop playstation, let Carter bunk with her in the playroom, and distributed candy during most of the weekend certainly didn't hurt matters, either.

Since I'm 36 weeks along and my doctor has given me a little encouragement to do a little more, we got out each day to see a bit of the area. Saturday included a trip into Boulder for a picnic by the river.

Jen and Carter swinging.

Jack eating dinner.

Lots of playground time.

In need of some MAJOR photoshop here as I pose with Jack. You just don't realize how big you are until you see it on film. Unfortunately, this film adds 30 pounds, rather than the standard 10 you usually see. Or, maybe that's me adding the pounds. Either way, we're on an 18 day countdown until Lainey arrives. I'm SO ready!

It wasn't wise of me, either, to sit by cute Jen who can't take a bad picture. Love the arm lock she's got on Jack here.

A small walk into town brought us to our favorite candy store, Powell's Sweet Shoppe. Be sure to check out the link. It's like stepping back in time walking in. Jennifer and Carter pose with gummy teeth....

Sunday, August 26, 2007

75 Days

It just started snowing in the mountains. 75 days left until ski season opens. We can't wait!

Click here for a photo.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Lots of Help

Jack has been busy trying out all of Lainey's baby gear, starting with the swing. He's fascinated by it and has been swinging the baby doll inside it for a while now.

This is the same baby doll we bought Carter in preparation for Jack. He carries it around sometimes and kissed and hugs her, too.

If we can just get him to make bottles, this 3rd child will be no trouble at all!

"Which button plays the loud music?"

Here we go....

"Hang on little sister!"

Thursday, August 23, 2007

For A Girl This Time

Since we're only 3 weeks away from our baby girl's arrival, we've been doing some last minute things to prepare. One project included going through all of Carter and Jack's baby clothes to see what I could use for Lainey.

I've been told that even with near perfect condition clothes, I won't put anything boyish on a girl once she arrives. They wear tapered jeans instead of straight, their shirts are cut differently, etc. I can definitely see that now in comparison, however, I did pull out some onesies, PJ's and a few other things to fill in the gaps. And, since Jack spit up more than any other baby on this earth ever has, we have an abundance of bibs should she do the same.

Upon looking, I found these navy blue shoes that I bought years ago just before Carter was born. I was so proud of them....thought they were darling....and FOR A BOY since they were blue and had squirrels on them.

My grandmother was in town from California at one point and so I dressed him up, squirrel shoes and all, for an outing. When she saw him in them, she burst out in laughter at the site of this baby boy in Mary Janes......explained to me what a fool I had been.....and insisted I take them off.

So, finally, we'll have a little girl to put them on. Sadly, my grandmother is no longer with us and although she's been gone for almost a year and a half, it still makes me extremely sad to think about. She was a big part of Carter's life. He still prays for her each night before bed. (GMom, Koppy, and Granny, too) I have a feeling, though, that she's looking down on us and will be more than thrilled to see these shoes finally on the right kiddo.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Backyard Fun

Since the weather is changing here and it's become really nice during the evenings, we've been heading outside each night after dinner to play and visit on the patio and in the back yard. Colorado has had a HOT cools down at night, but the days are hot. If we were in Texas, we would think nothing of it, but part of the deal here in Colorado is that we live in an ideal climate. So, bring it on!!!!! We're ready!

Each day gets better and this morning while taking Carter to school, I noticed it was barely in the 70's. High 86. We can handle that, but I'm ready for Fall.

So, I took a few pictures of the boys outside. Our grass has finally made some improvements and is looking good after a tough summer on the young sod put in. Blake has been working hard on bringing it back and he's finally seeing his efforts pay off. We have bluegrass here which is very soft and so nice to sit in when it's in good shape.

And, just a note.....yes, we do own clothes for Jack. It has seemed lately, though, that I only post pictures of him in his diaper. We're a class act.

Jack busy cruising around.

Carter....getting tall and lean.

Jack has no problem crawling and walking on the rock borders.

Loving the new furniture and his ability to get up and down on his own.

Silly faces.

Back up.

Helping out with the lawn.

Blake and Jack having fun.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mary Janes

On Tuesday, Blake went into the office, which left me at home with Jack by myself for a few hours. Carter was in school, so I had only one child to keep in line which seems achievable, except that Jack is a wild man and constantly on the go.

Blake and I seem to create unusually active children, although I will say that Jack is entirely more laid back than Carter, who emerged from the womb causing trouble and hasn't slowed down for a second since. I am told this is payback for my own odd energy level that drove my parents crazy and still baffles them today.

So, because I cannot take the kids anywhere in the state I'm in, we're challenged with being inside and keeping our sanity. In order to maintain my restful state, I kept Jack moving from room to room, consistently finding interesting things for him to do so that I could sit and watch and relax.

After exhausting our options downstairs, we went to the second floor to see what we could find. Just the flight up can be exciting for Jack! Upon sitting in our office and checking my email, I heard Jack yelling his new "Come help me" signal which sounds very much like a bird in distress...."Eeech! Eeech! Eeech!"

I went into our baby girl's room to find him sitting inside the bottom drawer of her armoire, trying desperately to put on her size 2 pink Mary Jane shoes.

Blake was thrilled.

Moms Club Picnic

A couple of months ago, I was lucky enough to find an organization here in town for stay-at-home moms. It's a great group of women with young children who organize play dates, field trips, holiday events, charity projects and more.

They've been amazingly helpful during my bed rest, too, bringing meals to us twice a week so there is less burden on us to cook. And, once the baby arrives, they'll do even more as far as dinner goes. They've offered babysitting, house cleaning, errand running, etc....and I'm just getting to know them all. It's been overwhelming and we are so grateful for their help.

Although I can't participate in most of their activities right now, we did manage to attend the annual picnic. I stay seated while Blake chased the boys and although it was a hot day, everyone had a great time.

Carter rode a horse for the first time!!!!

Jack was most interested in this lawn chair, which he would unfold, sit down in and carry around everywhere.

I love this on it for a close up. Jack gets such rosey cheeks in the heat.

Ducks to talk to!

Carter on another ride with a friend.

Fainting goats!

And, finally a hay ride out into the beautiful farm land.

Time to go. Carter could have stayed there for a week, had we let him. There is just something about a little boy being outside with farm animals and dirt and dust. He loved it!