Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mary Janes

On Tuesday, Blake went into the office, which left me at home with Jack by myself for a few hours. Carter was in school, so I had only one child to keep in line which seems achievable, except that Jack is a wild man and constantly on the go.

Blake and I seem to create unusually active children, although I will say that Jack is entirely more laid back than Carter, who emerged from the womb causing trouble and hasn't slowed down for a second since. I am told this is payback for my own odd energy level that drove my parents crazy and still baffles them today.

So, because I cannot take the kids anywhere in the state I'm in, we're challenged with being inside and keeping our sanity. In order to maintain my restful state, I kept Jack moving from room to room, consistently finding interesting things for him to do so that I could sit and watch and relax.

After exhausting our options downstairs, we went to the second floor to see what we could find. Just the flight up can be exciting for Jack! Upon sitting in our office and checking my email, I heard Jack yelling his new "Come help me" signal which sounds very much like a bird in distress...."Eeech! Eeech! Eeech!"

I went into our baby girl's room to find him sitting inside the bottom drawer of her armoire, trying desperately to put on her size 2 pink Mary Jane shoes.

Blake was thrilled.

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