Friday, August 31, 2007

3 Day Weekend

We spent most of today at the hospital checking on Lainey. She's doing just fine, but had a few reasons to make sure. Back home now and looking forward to the long weekend.

There are wonderful events happening in Colorado this weekend, but none of which we'll get to attend. The Aspen/Snowmass Jazz Festival is going on and there are some GREAT musicians playing....Ben Harper, Galactic and The Allman Brothers, just to name a few.

Also, the Taste of Colorado is going strong and from what we've heard, it's a ton of fun. But, unless Blake gets brave and wants to venture out to these events sans-Mom, we'll put them on the list for next year.

Blake is definitely taking the boys to the pool because it closes for the season on Monday. They may be attending a neighborhood BBQ, too. And, as this time of year always brings....plenty of college football. Other than that, we're just doing a few things around the house in final preparation for our new addition!

Enjoy your Labor Day!

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