Saturday, September 01, 2007

Monitoring Jack

Jack has become quite the adventurous baby lately. He's much more of a climber than Carter ever was, which keeps us on our toes. Here he is on the kitchen table going through the fruit basket. He knows exactly how to get on each piece of furniture and it won't be long until he's on the island in the kitchen. Or the counters. Or the roof.

One of the funniest parts of this scenario is how we find him. Of course, we try to keep an eye on him at all times, but realistically, that does not happen. Occasionally, Carter will discover him and make a simple announcement, so casually and in such a manner that you would think he were not worried at all. For example:

"Mom, Jack's on the kitchen table."

"Mom, Jack's hands are in the toilet."

"Mom, Jack's kissing Batman again."

Then, he goes on with his life....pleased with himself for enlightening us....and never without a certain unintentionally condescending tone like...."You really should do something about that."

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