Sunday, September 09, 2007


Picking up Carter from school on Friday proved to be a little less horrifying than I had expected. I just knew everyone was staring at me because, as Caroline puts it, I'm now "that mom" who locked her baby in the car. Being 9 months pregnant and HUGE certainly adds to the fascination, too. It's hard to hide at this point.

Upon waiting for his class to get out, only one mother....a total stranger.....blurted out, "So, how long did it take?!" confirming my own insecurities that everyone there knew who I was. But, was relatively painless. Carter's teacher even joked about it and made me feel better.

The funny thing is...if I'm doing this with only 2 children...what can we expect with 3?!!!! Stay tuned. Our lives will surely get more interesting.

And, speaking of having 2 children, we're spending our last weekend as a family of 4 preparing for the new addition, who is scheduled to arrive on Friday. FRIDAY. Meaning, 5 days away.

Just a few things left to do. Blake is finishing painting the kitchen because don't all couples paint their kitchen before a baby is born? Won't she be expecting it? And, this evening, he'll move on to cleaning out the basement. Another nesting requirement of mine that I'm sure Blake could live without. Poor guy can't wait to get back to work.


Ms. Caroline Clemens said...

I feel like calling you every hour on the hour until Friday. I resist the urge because otherwise, you'd be awake by 5am CO time!

I wonder who is more anxious at this point - you or me!

starnes family said...

Call me anytime. I haven't had a complete night's sleep in 2 years. It won't even phase me.

It's going to be a big day....your namesake!!! What a lucky girl she will be.

Anonymous said...

You girls are going to make me cry!!!