Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bunny Pic 2013

What do you do when your 12 year old forbids you from posting a bunny pic?

Happy Easter!
Back soon with a recap of Spring Break.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Miracle 2012

One year ago, all 3 of our kids posed for their one and only photograph with all children looking and smiling.

It was epic.

Only Easter could bring something so glorious.

Happy weekend, folks! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break So Far

2 days in. Pretty sure we've all cried by now. Viva Spring Break 2013!

We headed to The Del Coronado over the weekend to play on the beach and enjoy the views.

On the way, we saw what I refer to as 'pink snow'.  These flowers make this time of year so pretty!

Turned up "Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber as we were rolling into the parking lot.  Lainey and I are big fans.

Carter?  Not.

Doesn't bother us one bit!

Somehow, they keep letting us return.  No idea why.

I took the kids downtown on Sunday.  Drove by this KC bbq restaurant.  Carter was excited to see the jayhawk, of course!

Enjoyed cupcakes at Cups in La Jolla.

And, walked through the town to find this kooky cave adventure.  We did this years ago.....with one less kid, I believe.

You walk for what seems like forever down this steep tunnel until you reach the ocean. 

Pretty views once you finish your trek.

And, we're back up.


Obviously, they loved this.

Back outside to walk the cliffs.

Punkin seals.  Or sea lions.  I never know.

This makes me so nervous.

And, this.....even more.  We didn't stay long. 

See those kayakers in the distance?  Carter and I will be on that excursion soon.  Can't wait!

Headed home shortly after.

Dying eggs with the McNamaras this evening.  And, more fun to come.

Probably tears, too.  :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Caroline Visit Wrap Up, Wizard of Oz and Spring Break Plans

Lots to cover today!

Back to the ghost hunt first......

Aunt Donna made us ghost cookies.  So cute!

We toured more of the grounds.....headed up to the 4th floor and explored.

Rooftop garden.  Herbs are used in the kitchen.


Touring made us hungry, so we walked down the street to Tio's Tacos.  

Quirky little place with a ton of "junk art".

Back to the hotel.  Caroline talked the concierge into giving us a tour of Anne Rice's room.  She wrote the book Angel Time here, set at the Mission Inn hotel.  Can't wait to read it!

We started out in the room with the lights off.  Kids had flashlights to see around.

And, everyone eventually made themselves at home. I'm sure the concierge thought we were all sorts of kooky.

Next up, the chapel.  Gorgeous.

 Ordered room service upon getting back.  

Sweet Laine tried so hard to stay up for it.  Didn't make it.

We let Caroline sleep in the following morning and headed to the hot tub.  Great way to start the day.

We also got the parrots up and talking.  Lainey was hysterical.

This is Napoleon.  Josephine is a bit shy.

A few more stops in the lobby.

Lots of dignitaries have stayed here over the years.

This chair was made for William accommodate his large body.

Jack looks so small!

We finally received a text from Carter begging us to retrieve him from 'Jack and Lainey watch' at the parrot cage.  It looked like this.

Love that kid.

Said goodbye to Caroline finally.  Such a fun visit. One of our favorites so far!

Saturday night took us to see The Wizard of Oz at my theatre.

All children fun.

Kids loved it!  And, I was super impressed.

 Lainey with Glinda, the good witch.

Next up is Little Mermaid.  Can't wait!

So......on to Spring Break.
Lots of fun stuff planned:

*egg dying

*Easter bunny visit and lunch at Seaport Village

*golf day with dad

*beach trips

*Balboa Park

It's going to be a fun week.  McNamaras are in town.  Lots of visitors on our calendar!  Jillian arrives in a few weeks, too.