Thursday, November 30, 2006

No Gifts Necessary This Year

We've decided to return the presents under the tree and simply wrap up the remote controls in the house for Jack this year. He seems to have little interest in anything else.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Another Beautiful Snow-filled Day

The snow started last night and has not stopped as of 2:00 today. It's lightening up a bit, but weather reports show it should start again this evening. We're loving it as always. Too cold to go out today (16 degrees!), but hopefully tomorrow will be more tolerable.

Carter and I baked gingerbread this morning while he waited for his "delayed start" to school. That means they go 1 hour late. We have about 8 inches of snow on the ground and we go in only an hour late. So different than what we're accustomed to in Texas!!!!

Snow starting to fall.

Cold night.

Carter bundled up and ready for school.

Pretty view.

This afternoon...the sun trying to come out.

The Best Party On Campus

Congratulations to my little brother, Colt, who was just elected Chairman of the College Republicans at Texas A&M University. His school holds the largest College Republican organization in the country. Very proud of you, Colt!

Here he is at work....campaigning for the 2006 election....he's on the far left, in a navy blue shirt, shaking hands.

We need to watch this kid. I doubt that his political career will end here!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Santa Claus And The Boys Through The Years

Christmas Decorations

The Christmas decor is just about up at the Starnes house. Sunday night we decorated the trees and they're looking as "Charlie Brown" as ever. Carter adds most of his ornaments exactly at his waist level and I just can't bring myself to move them. One day, when our kids are grown, we'll have a fancy tree with (gasp!) glass ornaments and beautiful ribbon. For now, we'll take the dough made ornaments and we'll accept that 6 of them actually CAN fit on one branch.

The boys.

Jack staying entertained while the others decorated.

In action.

All done! Crooked Santa in place!

Living The Good Life

Due to Jack's misdiagnosed illness while traveling and his having to take antibiotics when not needed, his little body had a terrible reaction and he ended up with a severe case of diaper rash. After a trip to the emergency room (for that and other symptoms), we spent Sunday indoors lounging around the house and resting from our trip. Jack was naked most of the day to let his bottom dry out and heal. Check out the baby body.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Santa Claus

Before we caught our flight back to Colorado on Saturday, we went out to Northpark Mall to have our annual pictures taken with Santa. This is the same Santa Claus that saw Blake and I as kids....well, teenagers, as we were there with younger siblings. He's been doing it for almost 20 years and is the best there is! And, his fame has grown. You actually have to arrive early in the morning to get a ticket to come back and see him later in the day, after story time. Well worth it, though.

Click here to read more about our favorite Santa, Carl Anderson...a licensed psychologist, who also holds a PHD, is a professional story teller, etc. I think most might know him best as Santa Claus, however.

Waiting to see Northpark watching Scrooge.

Santa and Carter.

And, with Baby Jack.

Trysten arrived a bit after our picture and told Santa he wanted some shoes for Christmas. Just kidding, of course....but upon leaving to meet us, Britney told Trysten to grab his shoes and get in the car.....and when they arrived, he had only 1. So, shortly after our Santa visit, Trysten got some new shoes!

Santa and Trysten.

Pa and the grandkids.

So accurately picturing the boys together.

And, even more right on with Carter's sarcasm after I told him to be sweet.

Beautiful decorations....."pecan Santa" which has also been there for over 20 years.

Six Flags Holiday In The Park

Friday included a day at Holiday In The Park. A few photos....


Grandmudder and Jack on the carousel.

Cody Jack Clemens and Jack Clemens Starnes.

Colt and Carter.

Caroline and Cam on the Runaway Minetrain.

The fam with Jack bundled up and sleeping.

Erin, Cam and Carter. He ADORES my cousins!

Carter on our favorite ride, the old-fashioned cars.

Uncle Chris and Carter.

Jody and Carter.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving was filled with plenty of family on the Clemens and Starnes side.

Everyone at lunch at my parents' club.

The fam outside.

We took a ton of pictures because everyone was in town. This is the Clemens family with in-laws and grandkids. We didn't intentionally put the "in-laws" Blake and Jody off to the side, although this picture does look suspicious!

Ryan and Caroline.


Carter and my sweet cousin, Cam.

Carter and Jack.

Here are all of the cousins on my mom's Carter and Jack.

And, the whole group together!

My mom and her new license plate labeled with "Grnmdr" for the name Carter gave her, "Grandmudder."

Carter being measured at my parents' house, as we do each year at Christmas.

And, baby Jack being measured for the first time.

Unfortunately, I got only one good picture from the Starnes event, where we spent most of the day. Here are Carter, Cole, Julianne, Davis, Cade and Trysten. It was a fun day over at Kelly's (Cole and Cade's mom). Lots of baby talk as two are expecting!!!!


Here we are at lunch on Wednesday with good friends Alisha and her girls. We had Trysten for the afteroon, so he, Haylee and Carter had a good time as always. Britney was able to get away from work, too, to join us.

The trio - Haylee (just back from Mexico with her fancy braids!), Trysten and Carter.

Carter trying to treat Grace, Haylee's little sister, like a toy.

Casey, Alisha, Britney and kiddos.

Then, that evening, we headed to the Clemens house to meet up with family in from all over the United States. Here is Caroline with her cupcakes she prepared for Carter's and my birthday.

And, the birthday boy.

My littlest brother, Colt, with Jack.