Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving was filled with plenty of family on the Clemens and Starnes side.

Everyone at lunch at my parents' club.

The fam outside.

We took a ton of pictures because everyone was in town. This is the Clemens family with in-laws and grandkids. We didn't intentionally put the "in-laws" Blake and Jody off to the side, although this picture does look suspicious!

Ryan and Caroline.


Carter and my sweet cousin, Cam.

Carter and Jack.

Here are all of the cousins on my mom's Carter and Jack.

And, the whole group together!

My mom and her new license plate labeled with "Grnmdr" for the name Carter gave her, "Grandmudder."

Carter being measured at my parents' house, as we do each year at Christmas.

And, baby Jack being measured for the first time.

Unfortunately, I got only one good picture from the Starnes event, where we spent most of the day. Here are Carter, Cole, Julianne, Davis, Cade and Trysten. It was a fun day over at Kelly's (Cole and Cade's mom). Lots of baby talk as two are expecting!!!!