Sunday, November 26, 2006

Arriving In Texas Tuesday Night

Our trip to Texas was eventful to say the least. While we enjoyed our family's company, we're left with a few bad memories of being sick most of the time! Jack threw up all over the rental car just an hour or so after landing. Then, I came down with a cold. I survived the week just fine, as adults can do, but Jack was not himself. After a trip to the Urgent Care center on Wednesday and then one to the ER after returning to Colorado late Saturday night, he seems to be on the road to recovery. Regardless, we're here for a while....have no urge to travel anytime soon!

Tuesday night was fun, despite the rough start. We celebrated Christmas with the Starnes family at Britney's house. She was kind enough to put the tree up early and we all had gifts to open.

Mae Mae and Jack tearing into his favorite gift.


Here are Blake, Pa and Lance taking orders from Carter to "sign in!" with his new game.

Britney and Jack.

And, with Pa.

Britney and that gorgeous canine of hers, Maxie. Please keep the comments to a minimum on what a cutie that dog is. :)

Birthday cake for Carter and me, who celebrate our birthdays 4 days apart.

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