Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Baby, He Does Not Like His Bath!

Well, we finally graduated from the newborn bath (since he's almost 7 months old)....and bought Jack one of the inflatable tubs. We've tried it twice since we purchased it and it's brought nothing but spine-numbing SCREAMS!

Just getting in....trying to distract him with toys.

A quick look at us (with carrots all over his face) and he starts to realize where he is and that he's not happy.

Nothing but hysteria here. Poor guy!


Shannon said...

How weird! I wonder if he'd like one of those baby seats better so he could splash around but still be supported in the tub?

starnes family said...

I looked at them, but they're pricey and seemed so temporary. Jack just seems to take his time getting used to things. Hopefully he'll eventually like it!