Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween Night

Halloween night brought temperatures in the 20's, so needless to say, we bundled up and tried to stay warm!

The boys in costume.

Jack is wearing the same costume that each of the kids in my family wore on his first Halloween. Carter also wore it on his first.

Carter, as a knight, with Batman the kitten.

Jack sitting in his treat bag.

And, after falling over, he seemed content just laying there.

The knight with his pumpkin, waiting anxiously to trick-or-treat.

Caroline and I, always attempting to annoy Carter, wore dog ears and whiskers.

The fam before heading out.

My mom bought this outfit for Jack the day of Halloween. We thought it would keep him warm in the chilly temperatures. It did!

Spooky neighbors.

Carter trick-or-treating...and taking every opportunity to walk through snow.

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