Sunday, November 30, 2008

Attempt #378

I have friends and relatives who take darling pictures of their kids for their Christmas cards each year with relative ease and certainly much success.

Take a look at Courtney's header on her blog. Not an adult in site. Precious children. Beautiful results.

And, then look at mine:

I think the funniest part of it all is Jack's complete disregard for Lainey's hysteria.

And, possible joy in the matter.

Back to total lack of interest.

Shredding The Mountain

A video of Carter at Breckenridge snowboarding and doing a wicked "jump". Fair warning: to avoid laughing directly into the camera, I held back and instead, sound like I'm cackling. I highly recommend muting the following captured moment.


Everyone is home safe and sound from our trip to the mountains. Both drives - there and back - proved eventful and much longer than they have been in the past. 17 inches of snow fell during the duration of our trip and it was still snowing as we ventured home. Going, we encountered some ice and slippery roads. The new 4x4 bodied car helped and we felt much safer on the road than in past years with our 2 wheel drive Tahoe.

Our return trip included an hour long STAND STILL in I-70 due to hazardous material trucks driving through the Eisenhower Tunnel. They cannot pass through with other cars, so we wait. And, wait. And, wait. The tunnel itself is 1.7 miles long. Anticipation of that drive creates enough anxiety alone for me, as I feel very claustrophobic inside. Add a 1 hour wait on the cold road with a still-doesn't-understand-how-much-we-travel-and-spend-time-in-the-car baby girl, throwing out her own frustrations from the back seat. Not exactly the easiest drive we've taken!

Here is the tunnel:

Moving we're home now and happy to have skied a lot and we'll continue to venture out as much as possible until we move. Midwestern skiing is not anything like it is here in Colorado. So, we're enjoying it while we can!

Lots of fun pictures to post and we finally got a good one for our Christmas card, so I can cross that off my list! 3 years now living here and we never have had a ski trip picture. Now, we do!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Beaver Creek

Ski Trip

Had a nice Thanksgiving at home with plenty to eat, lots of decorating and a nice afternoon nap. Trees are up, stockings hung, lights on the house and the moose is grazing in the front lawn. It's all Christmas, all the time from here on out!

Leaving early tomorrow morning for lots of skiing at both Beaver Creek and Breckenridge. Staying in we'll get a taste of each resort for the holidays.

We bought the littles ones a new sled, so I'm sure we'll be slipping and sliding around. Anxious to see if Jack tries out his ski legs again. Should be interesting to say the least.

Both resorts have great accomodations for kids and that is why they remain our favorites. Lots of snow expected, so the runs should be lovely!

Beaver Creek.....


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

My nerdy side comes out at each holiday, as I'm always interested in seeing the history of what we're celebrating. It actually is more than turkey and football!

From here.

And, the menu from the first feast, what was and was not included, here.

We are at home today, eating too much, napping, decorating and preparing for our trip into the mountains tomorrow. Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Prep

Carter and I made casseroles tonight for tomorrow's feast. Always makes time in the kitchen less hectic and helps us enjoy the big day even more.

Notice here, girls......those that new daring highlights! I colored my hair for the first time ever today and WOW, did I go with a drastic change. :)

My usual chef, Jack, was already asleep, so Carter and I made do without him.

Court, I enjoyed your cute glass tonight. Loved it!

Carter was careful to put spices in his hand first and then add them by pinches. He was very proud of this technique.

One of the casseroles.....Blake's favorite and one his mom perfected and I'm still working on....Broccoli Rice.

Our Punkins In PJ's


Lots going on today as I venture out for some kid-free time at the salon and shopping. Slept in this morning and then out the door....didn't know quite how to do it!

Blake is home with the kids - playing, napping and doing our outside Christmas decor, including some new additions. A large pre-lit moose and the word, "JOY" will soon adorn our lawn. The plastic Santa will stay on the porch, no less loved than before. Both of the little ones can now chant, "Ho, Ho, Ho!" when prompted, so I know they will be delighted to see him again.

Home this evening to cook casseroles and prep for Thanksgiving. A round of one of our favorite seasonal movies, "Home For The Holidays" awaits and a glass of wine. Can't wait!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Manitou Springs, Colorado

I took the kids to Manitou Springs last weekend while visiting Santa's Workshop. It's a cute little town near Colorado Springs. The link calls it, "Colorado's Hidden Treasure" and I would have to agree. Lots to do there.

Caroline and I ran into this unusual little arcade and game district last year while on our trip, so we went back for some more fun. Dozens of these once-loved rides found outside of Walmarts and grocery stores.

Guess who loved the choo choo?

Inside one of the many penny arcades. Like stepping back in time.

Caroline's favorite!

And, Carter's....

Channeling "Big".

Shopped a bit in the cute little stores nearby.

And, our never shy son joined the big kids for some hula-hooping.

Lots of cool buildings and churches downtown.

Our haunted museum from last year. Unfortunately, it was closed the day we were there.

Stopped at our favorite candy store for some gummy eggs.

Getting chilly.....time to go.

Sunset Over The Rockies

Monday, November 24, 2008

Parkville, Missouri

Finally a few minutes to post more about our trip to Kansas City. Here is Parkville, where we are hoping to live once we sell this house!

Park University in the distance...

Funky little shops downtown.

A little bit famous for being virtually unknown, but super cool. Love that. Article here. Exact language includes "the best places you've never heard of."

Farmer's Market near English Landing Park.

We ate lunch here during our visit.

And, it included seating on a train car!

And, a train drove right by a few times. This, alone, might be reason enough to move there.

I love this picture of sweet and nurturing Carter adoring his baby sister.

Lots of hills and trees.

15 minutes from downtown KC....just across the Missouri River......4,000 people.....great schools.....tiny, close knit community with lots of activities....picturesque with beautiful trees and lots of water with just about every turn you make. We love it!