Friday, November 21, 2008

I Love It, Courtney!

Courtney, from Coco's Cuckoo World, hosted a wine glass exchange and I was lucky enough to get paired up with her!

Just received my glass and I love it. Super cute, Court. And, yes, I do hope it brings us good luck, too! (My photography doesn't do the design justice, unfortunately. Our name, "Starnes" is written on the side, too.)

The idea of her single glass gift is to add to or start your own collection of individual glasses. That way, you're not worried if one breaks and a set is lost. Also, each person at a party has his or her own unique glass and thus, no confusion. I love this idea and plan to add to it. Lord knows I don't have a complete set left from the several I've bought over the years. And, I like the idea of finding a cute glass here or there and grabbing it to add to the collection.

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