Monday, November 03, 2008

Elf On The Shelf

The little product that could from last year has gone big time. Order yours now!!!!!

We are so particular with our own Christmas traditions, but I absolutely loved adding this one. I can only imagine how many sales they will manage this season based on word-of-mouth recommendations. Have never heard a negative reaction. And, I'm so impressed they did not raise their prices.

Check out the post of our kiddos receiving theirs last year. The packaging is precious, the elf itself, the story behind it. I highly recommend getting one if you don't have it already. But, do so quickly. He "appears" just after Thanksgiving to keep an eye on little ones for Santa.

Wondering if I could purchase a whole team of elves this year to watch our bunch? Jack, alone, could use a few taking account of his "naughty" and "nice" behavior.

Website here.


Shannon said...

They sell these in our local toy store and your story about him last year makes me want to get one. I think he might show up at our house and ring our doorbell sometime later this month!

??? said...

I do plan on getting this for Lauren this year!!! I wanted to last year but waited to long. But I will snatch him up this year and enjoy it with my Princess.

Thanks Casey!