Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Carter's Birthday Night

We had a big birthday dinner at Ted's Montana Grill in the Power and Light District Sunday evening for Carter. We don't go out to eat very often these days for several reasons - the biggest, of course, being the company week keep. Toddlers + fine dining = lots of stares.

And, I'd rather eat my meals without an audience.

Here is our sweet birthday boy enjoying his cookie and ice cream while the staff sang to him. He loved every second.

Carter's gratitude and kind heart leave me speechless at times. Makes every bit of effort we put into his little life worth it.

Lainey shared in his cookie.


"What am I doing here? This is horrendous!"


FROGGITY! said...

mmmkay. let's just talk about how cute the pigtails are! darling! now let's discuss the precious bows! where in the world do you find them? oh my goodness!!
and in response to your comment yesterday: LSU! wow, it really is a small world. we love it here in NOLA. it's so laid back and cool. gooood times.


FROGGITY! said...

oh, p.s. happy birthday!! :) looks like y'all had fun!

starnes family said...

Bows are from Children's Place, believe it or not. I probably paid $.50 for the pair after they were super marked down, 50% off that, and then my trusty 15% off pass.

Love a fellow Cajun at place in the world like south Louisiana. My heart will always belong there.

Anonymous said...

Man, LC is a mess!!!