Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

One of our favorite fall activities was rushed this year, unfortunately. Blake's flight arrived Thursday afternoon in time for Carter's party prep.....then the party.....next day, school....and then just a few hours in between school and trick-or-treating to carve pumpkins.

Still had fun....but it was a quick process! I didn't even roast the seeds because we left early the next morning for the mountains. We still have several pumpkins in our flower beds, so I may just clean them out for the seeds! Nick, our friend who is a fabulous chef, brought some of his over and they were wonderful and much better than I could create. I ate all that I could and then mailed some to Caroline, too.

Jack is grossed out by anything messy, so as expected....he was very cautious this year!

Lainey has no fears and dug right in.

She must have tried to eat the pumpkin a dozen times....each time tasting awful....but that didn't prevent her from trying again!

Our little artist.

Blake designs a choo-choo train for Jack.

More pumpkin eating! Nope, still not good.

Indiana and his pumpkin.

And, the choo choo.

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