Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fritz's Railroad Restaurant

After a day of house hunting in Kansas, we went into the city for dinner and a walk around the Crown Center. By the looks of this first picture, we were off to a great start!

We started at Fritz's Railroad Restaurant. The restaurant on this link isn't the one we ate in....it's another location....and one I'd really like to visit. But, it will give you an idea of the place.

Carter used the phone at the table to put our order in. Guess how many times Jack picked up the phone and prank called the waiter. It's a wonder we didn't get kicked out.

Shortly after your order is placed, the train toots its horn and drives out to deliver your food.

It arrives in this plastic box at your table. Not a whole lot more exciting in the world to a train lover like Jack.

He didn't eat much that night.....too busy turning around to watch the trains deliver food.

Lainey enjoyed the milk shake.

A lot. Didn't want to give it back.

So, she didn't. It's good to be the baby girl.

And, it's good to be this cute and happy all the time.

Jack threw up his arm and yelled out a "Choo choo" each time the train came out.

Pure joy. And, he's a joy to watch.

Choo choos lining up, ready to work.

Outside the restaurant.....Jack poses with Lainey for a picture.


Shannon said...

"prank call the waiter" had me laughing hysterically. Pure joy on that kids face.

Coco said...

Lord I bet Jack was in pure heaven! How fun.

Tessie had her first milkshake at Shady Grove and kept saying, "yummmm" after each and every sip.

Our girls are smart.

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