Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Prep

Carter and I made casseroles tonight for tomorrow's feast. Always makes time in the kitchen less hectic and helps us enjoy the big day even more.

Notice here, girls......those that new daring highlights! I colored my hair for the first time ever today and WOW, did I go with a drastic change. :)

My usual chef, Jack, was already asleep, so Carter and I made do without him.

Court, I enjoyed your cute glass tonight. Loved it!

Carter was careful to put spices in his hand first and then add them by pinches. He was very proud of this technique.

One of the casseroles.....Blake's favorite and one his mom perfected and I'm still working on....Broccoli Rice.


Coco said...

Look at you hot mama!! Love the highlights and love the apron.

Noticed the jar of Cheez Whiz on the counter. Yep, you are for sure a true Texan!!

Glad you loved the wine glass!!!!

starnes family said...

I keep thinking there must be a substitute for the Cheez Whiz, but the recipe calls for it and Blake LOVES that stuff. :)

But, yes, I'm a southern girl, no matter where I live!

Moni said...

Your hair is adorable! Welcome to the wonderful world of chemical processing!

I love Cheez Whiz and any other cheese "product" available!

Anonymous said...

Hair is awesome. It looks so much longer!
I am eating leftover broccoli, cheese and rice casserole as I read through the posts!

merrilee said...

LOVE your hair--you look beautiful! I never had to color my hair until we moved to Seattle--lack of sun was my excuse. I also love the apron. . .you are a true southerner!!!!!