Thursday, January 31, 2008

"The Office" to Music

Oh, I have missed the brilliance that is the best show on TV. Check out this little turn the volume down if you're at work. It's Nelly singing and we all know what that means.

The video is hilarious with lots of great highlights...the best being, of course....the Pam and Jim kiss that started it all.

The Circus

OK, so I'm sure this will be a controversial post, but I'm putting it out there, anyway. I've always battled with the decision as to whether or not to take Carter to the circus. We did so once....years ago when he was around 2 years old....and have never been back since. Nothing tragic happened.....but we waited for him to show a big interest in it and he has not, so we've not suggested it.

He's gone since then with family and loved it and of course, we had no objections. The only reason why I've questioned taking him again is the uncomfortable feeling I get while being there. I couldn't concentrate on the fun....could only focus on what life these animals are provided beyond getting in and out of cages to perform for us.

So, I ran across this article from one of the blogs I read and thought it was an intersting prospective. I don't agree with all of it....and it mentions zoos, which summons even more questions as to whether or not they're fair to animals. I'm not on opposed to zoos. From what I understand, the animals are treated fairly and provided an environment very much like what they would be exposed to in the wild. So, in my mind, zoos pass the test. Circuses, I'm still on the fence about.

There is a video, too, included in this article and I should warn you before you view it because it's pretty sad. The article itself is safe.

If I'm missing something in this personal debate, let me know, either in the comments section or via email. I'd love to know your opinions.

A Little Laine

Just a couple from last week.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Amazing Jake's

What a small world we live in. We went to Amazing Jake's a couple of weeks ago in Aurora, CO with Paeton and friends to celebrate his birthday. In viewing the website, I learned that they are building one in Plano, TX as I write. Now, that is amazing!

It's an enormous building filled with all things loved by 7 year old boys. Amusement park rides, skee-ball, video games, putt putt golf, go carts, lazer tag, bumper cars....I could go on and on. Check it out, Texans, once it opens. You won't be sorry. Especially if 1/3 of your vocabulary consists of the word, "Dude."

The boys.

Jack trying to be a big boy.

The boys climbing the rock wall.

Bumper cars.

Jack racing through the golf course.

Choo choos!!!! These are not actually trains, but they look like trains and Jack was none the wiser.

They rode this one over and over again.

Jack in the toddler area.

Choo choo!!!!!!

Sweet Carter took Jack on this one. Love his enthusiasm.

Look at that smile....totally worth it once he saw that.


Sweet Paeton took Jack on the train, too.

Time for dessert.

Big Brother

Jack is becoming a big boy and wanting to help with Lainey....occasionally, he'll grab her bottle and feed her.

"More please!"

Chocolate Mousse

Our sweet neighbor, Nick, brought over chocolate mousse one evening a few weeks ago. He is a chef and even if he and his wife and their baby girl, Emilia, weren't the cutest family ever, we'd still invite him over based on his cooking alone. The fact that he's a great guy just sweetens the deal. :)

Here is Jack enjoying the decadent dessert. He's just getting used to really using utensils on a daily basis.

The cheap paper plate does not do this dish justice. It was absolutely delicious.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Valentine Lainey

Sweet baby girl in her Valentine outfit....sent to us by Aunt Donna, along with the ever-popular Pez for the boys.

Nice high kick, Laine.

A Lovely Day On The Mountain

Family Picture + Bling Bling

Yet another "interesting" gift from Caroline. Check out Carter's teeth in this picture. In his Valentine/Mardi Gras care package, she sent him a Ring Pop type mouth piece....he sucks on the candy....and the "grill" shows. He has yet to put it down since receiving it last week.

Thanks, Cari!!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008


We have a new love...Breckenridge. Hadn't been this year and tried it on Sunday. We went for the Snow Sculpture Competition. It's really amazing. Click this link to view the creations. Lots of fun to see it all come together.

Breckenridge, in the past, has been our resort that includes a home base at our car. We'd go on warmer days, pack up the car with toys for the kids and good music, a yummy lunch, etc. We had the perfect lot we frequented that included walking distance to the lift and then we'd ski right back to the car that was parked adjacent to everything. It was very convenient and provided us exactly what we needed for the day.

So, we called into the resort last week to check the status of that parking lot and to ask about other potential options for us now that we have 2 babies needing inside accommodations for part of the day. Well, it turns out that the lift we used last year is walking distance from a restaurant that leads straight to the town. Another discovery to ensure our ski trips are easy and fun.

What is best about Breckenridge is how easy it is. The runs near Maggie's are greens and perfect for beginners.

A picture of the fam with 5 out of 5 members looking at the camera!

Baby Girl and Daddy.

The restaurant/lodge where we settled is called Maggie's. It has a lovely patio that looks out over the lift.

Inside, taking a break for a snack.

More fascination with the Ipod.

Nap time. We have the most flexible children. So accustomed to traveling and being on-the-go.

Dad being "tough".

Here is Jack up on stage. While I was doing a run, Blake said he managed to get into the DJ booth and turn off the sound system, requiring 3 people looking at it and trying to get it going again. Nice. Hope they let us come back!

Oh, yummy Jack with chubby cheaks and pretty blue eyes.

I skied next to Carter as he boarded on Sunday. That kid is just so good. It's hard to believe he's only 7 sometimes. Snowboarding is frustrating. He gets down sometimes about it and how hard it is, but he's sticking with it.

Some action photos....

We made some friends.....all of these men are brothers....Blake enjoyed visiting with them while I chased the kiddos.

Going to see the Ice Sculptures before heading home. Earlier in the day, I had Lainey in the baby bjorn and was pushing the "big rig", our double stroller. One tourist took a picture of us because the stroller is so large and we had our ski boots draped over one seat, the basket below loaded up with supplies, etc. We are basically a circus on wheels in some people's eyes!

Big brother helping the little guy.