Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Amazing Jake's

What a small world we live in. We went to Amazing Jake's a couple of weeks ago in Aurora, CO with Paeton and friends to celebrate his birthday. In viewing the website, I learned that they are building one in Plano, TX as I write. Now, that is amazing!

It's an enormous building filled with all things loved by 7 year old boys. Amusement park rides, skee-ball, video games, putt putt golf, go carts, lazer tag, bumper cars....I could go on and on. Check it out, Texans, once it opens. You won't be sorry. Especially if 1/3 of your vocabulary consists of the word, "Dude."

The boys.

Jack trying to be a big boy.

The boys climbing the rock wall.

Bumper cars.

Jack racing through the golf course.

Choo choos!!!! These are not actually trains, but they look like trains and Jack was none the wiser.

They rode this one over and over again.

Jack in the toddler area.

Choo choo!!!!!!

Sweet Carter took Jack on this one. Love his enthusiasm.

Look at that smile....totally worth it once he saw that.


Sweet Paeton took Jack on the train, too.

Time for dessert.