Sunday, January 13, 2008

4 Months Old

All of the sudden....without announcement or preparation, it seems

This baby....

Turned into this one.

Lainey is 4 months old on Monday and what a joy she has been thus far. We are completely smitten with our first girl and the baby of the family.

Jack has warmed up to her and Carter remains her biggest fan. She's cooing and laughing and each day brings more awareness of her surroundings. Her eyes now follow little Jack around the room, giggling here and there at his crazy behavior. She's sleeping well at night and after her appointment on Thursday, we'll start her on cereal...which, from our experience with the boys, will help her sleep even better at night.

We're having a ball with dresses and bows and chubby baby legs in tights (my personal favorite).


Anonymous said...

Aww...she has changed so much! She's so dang cute...just a bundle of sweet sweetness!!

Malinda said...

Good luck with the cereal. Cason gagged on it for a month before he would eat it. Then he would only eat it by sucking it off his fingers. Hope it goes better for you guys.

She is adorable as ever. What a cutie.