Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lainey Caroline

So many new names for precious Lainey. Some of the new ones include:

Lainey Bug
Lainey Bear
Punkin Laine

More than any...and to our surprise....we call her Baby Laine.

She is so much fun right now. Cooing and laughing and is really responding to the boys. She giggles at Jack and loves Carter. We are having a ball.

A few pictures from Wednesday. She's taking her brief morning nap here cuddled up in a hand-me down blanket from the boys. I'm trying so hard to get her on a schedule with Jack. At this time, Jack took 2 naps a clockwork....but if I were to follow the same pattern.....10:00 and 1:00....I'd never have any baby free time, as Jack naps right after lunch. So, we're adjusting!