Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Night At The Starnes House

School nights at our house are very routine-oriented and typically pretty uneventful. We eat early because Jack's bedtime is 7:00pm and Carter's, 8:00pm. Lainey is still in that stage where we keep her up a bit later than we'd like in order to eliminate additional night time feedings.

After dinner, the boys bathe, put PJ's on, and then it's playtime. After Carter's homework and (almost) nightly reading, he joins in on the fun. It's short and sweet so that the kids are not too rowdy to fall asleep. Lainey loves to watch the show.

Here is Jack giving a hug after pushing Carter around in his buggy.

Lainey loving her Aquarium Bouncer.

Jack's turn to go for a ride.

He absolutely loves this little car. Can't wait for the weather to change so that we can take it outside for a spin.

Trying for a decent shot. I can always hope.

After 3 seconds, 2 are down and in tears. Lord, help us.

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