Tuesday, January 01, 2008


We had a wonderful Christmas celebration with Caroline and Ryan while in town a couple of weeks ago. Many pictures from our busy night....

Caroline and the boys.

There is such an amazing bond between these two....Carter and Caroline.

Jack handing out presents.

Looks like Caroline was a good girl this year.

The boys opening gifts.

Thomas the Train always wins Jack's heart.

Two books on the Titanic from Caroline...Carter hasn't put them down since receiving them!

Open it faster, Dad!

Caroline looking through an album we made for her.

Me with Ryan.

Caroline with the gift I'd been waiting to give her for weeks....a plaque with one of her favorite literary quotes on it.

I think she loved it!

This was the most entertaining event of the evening. As with most holidays, Carter gets to shop from the $1 Spot at Target for Caroline. This year, he chose a huge "diamond" ring. He gave it to her, proposal style and all. Here is Caroline rehearsing....

What a ring!

The boys playing with Jack's train.

Josie bored with the festivities.

Jack and his treasured Thomas Train.

Blake and Caroline.

Caroline holding Jack and gifts.

Jack checks out Josie while holding the sentimental Gund polar bear given to him by Caroline. He sleeps with it, curled under one arm, every night. I had one just like it from our grandmother's toy store as a child and cherished it.

Ryan with Jack.

Taking Lainey's pacifier.

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