Thursday, January 03, 2008

Last Day In Dallas

Before flying out on Sunday, we spent some time at Caroline's house. The weather was beautiful, so the boys played outside with their dog, the tree house, and the swing forever loved by Jack.

Blake and I have bought 2 houses since being married - both brand new. We have loved them both, but visiting Caroline's reminded us of the joy of owning an older home. There is a charm and comfort already present that you don't get with a new home. Of course, you add it upon living there, but an older home just has something special. And, OH MY GOSH...the trees! Caroline and Ryan have huge ones...a gorgeous Magnolia tree in the front and then a Pecan in the back and more.

Their house is darling and we couldn't be happier for them. And, we can't wait to come back to visit!

Carter loved this tree house.

We could have left him there for hours!

Caroline and me....we are lucky to have each other.

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