Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Party & Haunt & Our Little Devil

I braved the 3rd grade yesterday with Jack and Lainey in order to help out with Carter's party. We lasted about an hour....not bad considering the circumstances!

I love elementary schools.....the smells of crayons and glue and all things childlike. We are beyond thrilled with his new school here in Overland Park. It's loaded with awards and easy to see why after having a child enrolled.

Here we are leaving a classroom and heading to the gym for the costume parade. Yes, Halloween costumes at school.

For a Halloween party.

Not a Harvest Hop.

Not an Autumn Party.

Not a Fall Festival.

I love it.

It was total mayhem......all grades parading through the gym....but so much fun. There's Carter in the KC Chiefs jersey talking to the shark.

Lainey Bug was overwhelmed.

I brought the tray of banana chocolate chip bread. Another oddity.....bringing in home-baked treats. Not allowed in Colorado schools. Nor, was a "Halloween" labeled party. (I am not knocking Colorado schools.....they're just our only experience in public schools. But, I have heard they're like this in many areas).

Lainey took a seat on the floor with Jack and enjoyed some bread.

After the treats, the kids made "slime". Such a hit!

Lainey helped herself to more goodies.

Yucky, gooey slime.

And, precious brothers. We arrived in the classroom and Jack immediately ran to Carter, "Tiss, Carter!" and he did.....kissed his little brother. Makes me smile to know he's not too cool for this yet.

We spent our evening at Halloween Haunt.....heavily clad with spooky delights.

Blake got in on the fun, too. Silly Daddy.

Soccer game today......I brought face paint for the players and we painted their faces before the game. Failed to get pictures.....I know.....unlike me. But, I was busy chasing this little devil:

How cute are these barrettes?! I've been on the look out for them since seeing them on Kelley's blog.

Spooky Laine:

Wax lips.....always fun.

Pumpkins are perched. We're out to a Halloween party in town and then trick-or-treating tonight!

And, I have this all ready for dinner. Macaroni and Cheese Dog Casserole. Isn't she a beauty? Recipe here. Found it over at of my favorite food/family blogs. With her and Live.Love.Eat.....I'm set in the kitchen!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Favorites 2009

Two favorites today.

First, Halloween pajamas. Snuggly and cute.

We Skyped with Caroline before pumpkin carving.....wishing the whole time she were here with us.

We love Skype!

Onto the carving. Blake did his best to gross out Jack.

And, it worked.

Lainey helped more this year than ever before. Last year, she spent most of her time eating the pumpkin. See that here. She looks so different now!

It was chaotic and messy and frustrating and fun. That is life with children!

Our 3 pumpkins......mimicking our punkins.......Jack, Lainey and Carter. I think they kind of look like them!

Blake took everyone upstairs for bath and I got to clean up this mess.

Then, with everyone squeaky clean and ready for bed, we lit our masterpieces. Job well done, kiddos.

Roasted seeds and they were delicious......then packed some for Carter's school snack today. We're joining him this afternoon for his class party. Providing some of the food and helping serve the kids. I'm sure Jack and Lainey will be a huge help.

Don't you?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Frightening The Children, Part II

More from our 2nd visit to Halloween Haunt at Worlds of Fun. Last trip of the year is tomorrow....they close November 1. We'll be back next year!

Loved this......some of the cast members (including the monsters) dancing.


Jack, of course.

Jack was intrigued with this pumpkin.

So, he tried to eat it.



We were totally thrown off. Then, Blake remarked on how many dozens of people likely sat on it before he touched it with his mouth.

The one vegetable he's ever made contact with. Figures.

More dancing.

Pretty sunset over Camp Snoopy.

Foggy, spooky old-fashioned cars.

Carter took the wheel. Jack and I sat in the back and ooohed and ahhed at everything.

Spooky stuff. Another disclaimer: the toddlers were not subjected to anything mind-warping or nightmare inducing. We're not total morons.

Skee-ball isn't scary, is it?

But, she is. Yes, that's a real rat. Of course, he's had his shots!!!!!!

Carter loves the freaks.

Elitch's in Denver did this, too......crashed amusement park cars. Clever and disturbing, all at the same time.

What's wrong with this guy? A rabid, morphed bunny rabbit? Looks harmless to me.

OK, that will about do it for freaking you guys out. Next up, carving pumpkins and roasting seeds. And, I'm here to tell you that carving 3 pumpkins with 3 kids is much scarier than any of these photos. Promise.